It was supposed to be the perfect holiday, dreams up by Kate as the ideal way to turn 40: four best friends and their husbands and children in a luxurious villa under the blazing sunshine of Languedoc-Roussillon. But there is trouble in paradise. Kate suspects that her husband is having an affair, and that the other woman is one of her best friends.

As Kate closes in on the truth in the stifling heat, she realises too late that the stakes are far higher than she ever imagined. Because someone in the villa is prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden.


I was delighted to get the chance to have an ARC of this novel as I loved the previous two books by this author this is an honest and unbiased review of the book.

Unfortunately I found the first 80% of the book very slow the premise is good. 4 friends who have known each other since university go on a group family holiday to France.

I struggled with the character Kate seemingly she has had a happy marriage until her husband starts behaving slightly differently just before going on the holiday and whilst on holiday. Kate then starts to think Sean is having an affair. Reading a text on his phone seems to confirm it to her and she suspects that it’s with one of her 3 friends of which 2 are married only Izzy is single. Each one of these friends is suspected at one point or another throughout the story. The children of all the families are all a bit of a nightmare in one way or another.

I just found the story slow going until that last 20% of the book. When there are a few things that change. I realise the story is showing how far a parent would go to protect their children. I think the fact that Kate’s job is that of a crime scene investigator makes me disbelieve a little more as her job entails looking at the evidence and finding the truth not jumping to conclusions by a text message. She is a rational woman who from what we learn she has been wrong on three separate occasions on other things unrelated to work but it does make you wonder how good she would be at her job.

The writing is good and it flows I just felt the story dragged out too long for what we needed to know. But that is just my opinion and others may feel differently as we all like a different pace to a story. I will give this four stars out of five.

This book is available to pre order now on Amazon and is due for release on the 25th July 2019


T.M.Logan was a national newspaper journalist before turning to novel-writing full time. His debut thriller LIES was one of Amazon UK’s biggest ebooks of 2017.

Together with his second stand-alone thriller, 29 seconds (2018), his books are now published in a dozen countries around the world including the USA, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Portugal,Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and the Netherlands.

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