No matter what you see, no matter what you’ve heard, assume nothing.

Adam and Sophie Warner and their three year old daughter are vacationing in Washington States Hood canal for Memorial Day weekend. It’s the perfect getaway to unplug-and to calm an uneasy marriage. But on Adam’s first day out on the water, he sees Sophie abducted by a stranger. A hundred yards from shore, Adam can’t save her. And Sophie disappears.

In a nearby cabin is another couple, Kristen and Connor Moss. Unfortunately, beyond what they’ve heard in the news, they’re in the dark when it comes to Sophie’s disappearance. For Adam, at least there’s comfort in knowing that Mason County detective Lee Husemann is an old friend of his. She’ll do everything she can to help. She must.


I read this book in two sittings. A very well plotted story told from different perspectives of the characters. Adam and Sophie are married but it doesn’t seem to be a faithful marriage although at first you wonder whether either of them have actually cheated on each other or is it just suspicions. Then Sophie is murdered whilst they are away for Memorial Day weekend. But Adam couldn’t have done it as he was with their daughter in a boat and saw his wife being abducted he even had a witness an old man who walked his dog in the beach had seen Sophie grabbed and taken away. Then you have Kristen a Lawyer desperate for a baby and her waiter husband Connor who drinks too much they are also staying in a cabin next door to Adam and Sophie but Connor can’t remember anything as he had too much to drink and Kristen was with him all evening. The lead investigating officer knows Adam he had saved her life when she was younger and had been kidnapped so in her mind Adam couldn’t be involved in anything it was so tragic for him to lose his wife and the daughter to lose her mum. But who is telling the truth and who is lying. It kept me guessing until the final 8 or so chapters then I twigged what the outcome was going to be. But this is a very well written book the characters are relatable the jealousies that are seen in the world of social media. It’s up to date with the times of Facebook and text messaging and shows how things can easily be misconstrued or made to look in a way that someone wants it to look.

I look forward to the next book by Gregg Olsen

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

ISBN-10 1542040515

ISBN-13 978-1542040518


Gregg Olsen has written more than 25 books, including The sound of Rain and The Weight of Silence in the Nicole Foster series. Known for his ability to create vivid and fascinating narratives, he’s appeared on multiple television and radio shows and news networks, such as Good Morning America, Dateline, Entertainment tonight, CNN, and MSNBC.

Both his fiction and non fiction works have received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including prominence on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

A Seattle native who lives with his wife and twin daughters in rural Washington State, Olsen’s already at work on his next thriller.

Visit him at, or follow him on Twitter@Gregg_Olsen.

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