DATE NIGHT By Samantha Hayes


Returning early from a destroys date night with my husband, I know something is wrong the moment the wheels crunch the gravel drive of her home. Inside, the TV is on and a half eaten meal waits on the table. My heart stops when I find our little girl is alone in the house and our babysitter Sasha, is missing….

Days later when I am arrested for Sasha’s murder and torn away from my perfect little family, i’ll Wish I had told someone about the threatening note I received that morning.

I’ll hate myself for not finding out who the gift hidden inside my husbands wardrobe was for.

I’ll scream from the rooftops that I’m innocent – but no one will listen.

I will realise I was com-lately wrong about everything that happened that night…

But will you believe me?


Well I have to say this is one gripping read, there are more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. All the way through I was trying to work out what had happened to Sasha the babysitter, normally a very reliable young 17 year old, has she just left on her own? Has she been kidnapped by someone? Has she been murdered? I pride myself on trying to guess the ending before I get there but I will say this one had me. It is written so well and the ending will literally blindside you.

Libby and Sean seem like a happily married couple with their daughter four year old Alice. Sean has been married previously to Natalie, who has never got over their break up, and if Sean doesn’t do what she wants then he doesn’t get to see his fifteen year old son Dan. Sean’s mum Marion, has Alice, whilst Libby and Sean go to work, Sean is a local vet, and Libby has her own business catering for people, mainly cooking meals for dinner parties or conferences, not only is Sasha their babysitter but she also helps Libby out with her business on weekends. Fran is Libby’s best friend who she tells about everything.

The opening scenes of the book are Libby being arrested and taken away, but at this stage we don’t know what has happened to who. The chapters go back and forth from the past to the present so before the arrest and after the arrest. Mostly told through Libby, this book is written in the first person narrative.

Libby seems to be a constant bag of nerves throughout the book,I get the feeling that Sean has totally controlled her maybe without her even realising it. She really loves Sean. She cries a lot which Sean doesn’t like he is frequently telling her to pull herself together. She looks to him every time something is asked whether it’s by the police or anyone else, but a lot of the time he leaves it for her to answer. Except for when it comes to her business where she is more confidant. I didn’t like Sean and I didn’t like his ex wife as she just keeps popping up here and there. Someone left a note on Libby’s car telling her that Sean is cheating on her. Libby doesn’t know what to do she is beside herself so she calls Fran, for advice. Fran tells her to behave normally,otherwise if he isn’t cheating on her she will drive him away just by accusing him as it shows a lack of trust, and that it’s probably just someone playing a prank. I don’t think Libby can do normal. She basically confronts Sean about it and he tells her she is being ridiculous, saying it’s probably some school kids playing a prank. They agree to go on a date night and try to get things back on an even keel. This is when Sasha babysits, normally Marion, Sean’s mum would have Alice for them but she had something on at the church. When they get home from their night out Sasha is nowhere to be seen her phone is there as are all her school books. Libby frantically goes upstairs to check on Alice who is fast asleep.

After contacting Jan, Sasha’s mother to check if she has gone home they find she hasn’t been seen. Jan drives over, saying she will look to see if she can see her on her way in case she has decided to walk home, but when she arrives at Sean and Libby’s there has been no sign of her. This is when they decide its time to call the police. Who come out and initially say it could be a runaway, but feel something should be done as it’s not normal behaviour for Sasha. Detective inspector Doug Jones is running the investigation. But is Libby hiding things? Why is Sean lying or omitting bits out of his statement? Why does Alice say Natalie is a bad lady? What secrets does Marion have about Sean from when he was younger? Something happened when Sean was fifteen, his dad hardly speaks to him! Is Sean having an affair? If he is who is it with? Who is the gift wrapped up and hidden in the wardrobe for from Sean?

All these questions are going through your head as you are reading the book. The interviewing of Libby is well done and so real. I didn’t believe that Libby had done anything as she was so distraught about the missing girl. So you really felt for her when she was speaking to her solicitor and throughout the interrogation.

I sat until 3.30 in the morning having to finish this book I had to know who had done it. The ending really did throw me I never saw it coming. I was prepared for every other thing but what happened.

I highly recommend this book if you like a good psychological thriller this book is for you. Hooked from page one.

Thank you to #netgalley and #Bookouture, #samanthahayes for an ARC of this book all opinions are my own and honest. I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5.

It is available to preorder on Amazon now £1.99 for ebook and £8.99 for paper book due for release on the 20th August 2019.


Samantha Hayes grew up in Warwickshire, left school at sixteen, avoided university and took jobs ranging from private detective to barmaid to fruit picker and factory worker. She lived on a kibbutz, and spent time living in Australia and the USA, before finally becoming a crime writer.

Her writing career began when she won a short story competition in 2003. Her novels are family based psychological thrillers, with the emphasis being on ‘real life fiction’. She focuses on current issues and sets out to make her readers ask ‘ What if this happened to me or my family?’

To find out more, visit her website

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