Desperate to put her past in the rear view mirror, Finn Hunt leaves the Midwest for Phoenix, Arizona, where no one knows her story.

While she is working a dead-end job, a chance meeting with Philip Martin, son of a prominent U S Senator, leads Finn to a position as nanny for Amabel, his precocious four year old daughter. Quickly seduced into the Martin’s privileged world, Finn can almost believe she belongs there, almost forget the dark past that haunts her.

Then, in the stifling heat of a desert summer as the senator’s re-election looms, a strange woman begins to follow Finn, claiming a connection to Philip and threatening to expose the family to scandal. As Finn tries protect Amabel, and shield the Martins, she’s inadvertently drawn deeper and deeper into their buried secrets.

The family trusts Finn, for now, but it will only take one mistake for everything she holds dear – the Martins world, her new life- to fall apart …


This is a well written debut novel, however I did struggle with some of the story. The characters aren’t likeable or relatable. Finn is not Finn, she is known previously as Natalie. She has secrets of her own which is why she has run away and changed her name for a fresh start.

Starting off in a dead end job she gets offered the job of nanny to Amabel Martin the Grand daughter of U S Senator Martin. Amabel likes to embellish things a little but she is only four years old and it’s probably for attention. But it’s Amabel that tells Finn that she is being followed, because of things Amabel has said before Finn puts it down to her imagination initially. But who is being followed is it Finn or Amabel?

Finn enjoys being amongst the wealthy and powerful people she feels like part of the family and they trust her. But this family has secrets of their own, and now these secrets threaten to resurface as they tend to do with people with power especially when up for re-election but what are the secrets the Martins have? I didn’t find the story that much of a thriller as in edge of your seat thriller where you have to read the next page.

There is a plot twist about half way through the book that I didn’t see coming and the last part of the book just seemed really rushed. The dialogue was good I enjoyed that but sometimes there was just too much description which detracted from the story rather than add to it.

I think this author is one to look out for in the future.

Obviously this is just my opinion others may like this book more than I did. I would like to thank #netgalley and #macmillanpublishers for an ARC of this book all opinions are my own honest and unbiased.


Kelsey Rae Dimberg received anMFA from the University of San Francisco and studied at Barrett Honors college of Arizona State University, where she was editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Lux, and received the Swarthout Award in Fiction. Girls in the Rearview Mirror is her first novel. Born in Seattle, Kelsey has lived in eight states, and currently resides in Milwaukee.

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