I picked a lot of books to read during August, in fact at times seeing my list was overwhelming. I am new to book blogging. Finding netgalley was amazing, I felt like a child in a sweet shop, and seeing all the books I knew I would like to read I got carried away. Not expecting to be given any I found myself with around fifty books in my TBR. That is not including all the books I have purchased this month, after seeing other people’s reviews and recommendations. But so far I haven’t really had the time to read any of those. So now I should have learnt to pace myself and not pick too many books in one go. Hmmm didn’t learn that early enough. I have a very busy September and October but plan to and keep the following months a little slower allowing me chance to read some books from my bookshelf and then review those as well.

So out of August’s books I thought I would just mention the ones I thought were the best and I have to say my top one is definitely going to be in my top ten for the year it may even be number one. So the best book I have read this month is drum roll …..

If you check back through August you will see my review of this book, and I really can’t recommend this enough. The writing is just brilliant, the story really grabs you and you are left guessing from beginning to end. This is a book every reader should read. If I could have given this 10 stars I would have but my rating is 5 out of 5.

In second place for August is……

Another great book by Samantha Hayes, and what I loved about this is it just had me guessing until the end. But the ending I never saw coming I was totally blindsided by it.

In third place ….

The Guilty Mother By Diane Jeffrey another psychological thriller which was a brilliant read. That just kept me guessing.

Ok they are my top three of the month,but there are a number of other brilliant reads I have read this month, and would recommend all of them so would be wrong not to mention them.

Because all of these writers have sat for hours writing and re-writing to entertain all of us readers out there. All the books I mention have been reviewed not just by me but by others. We all like different types of books, different pace, a cozy mystery crime or a more gritty and gruesome one.

Endgame by Daniel Cole TBR on 5th September, the following books are all already released, and can be purchased or downloaded from Amazon,or any other good book retailer, these books are just listed in the reverse order that I read and reviewed them and are all equally as good as each other. This post would have been far too long if I added a picture of every book. A Place to lie by Rebecca Griffiths, Ice Cold Heart By P.J.Tracy, Cold Woods by Karen Katchur, Silent Night by Geraldine Hogan, The Boy By Tami Hoag, Rewind by Catherine Ryan Howard, The Dirty Dozen by Lynda LaPlante, The Girl in the Rearview Mirror, The Night Caller By J.M.Hewitt, A Predator and a Psychopath by Jay Kerk, Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane, The Perfect Wife By J.P.Delaney, Clear My Name by Paula Daly, A Killer Choice By Tom Hunt, Outfox by Sandra Brown, every single one of these books have been great and you can check back on my reviews for August to see what I said or to see if it’s the type of book you may enjoy but might have missed.

I have also read the first book and half of the second book of a trilogy by Christina Dodd, the first book Dead Girl Running I absolutely loved, the second is follows on from the first and is called What Doesn’t Kill Her, and the third is due out in September but I have an ARC of this one, it’s called Strangers she Knows, but I will give a review on all three when I have finished them the first two I purchased when they came out and I have been waiting for the third so that I could read them one after the other, so far I am not disappointed. I have always loved Christina Dodds style of writing with a contemporary mystery/thriller/romance there is always a touch of humour added in as well. But those reviews will follow later in September.

Thank you for reading this if you have got this far. Looking forward to Septembers books which will include Authors Linwood Barclay, H.S. Chandler, Asia Mackay, Emma Curtis, Amanda Mason just to name a few a couple which are new to me so I’m looking forward to reading their books.

Happy Reading to everyone.


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