LAKE CHILD By Isabel Ashdown


You trust your family. They love you. Don’t they?

When 17 year old Eva Olsen awakes after a horrific accident that has left her bed bound, her parents are right by her side. Devoted, they watch over her night and day in the attic room of their family home in the forests of Norway.

But the accident has left Eva without her recent memories, and not everything is as it seems. As secrets from the night of the accident begin to surface, Eva realises – she has to escape her parents’ house and discover the truth. But what if someone doesn’t want her to find it?


This is a very atmospheric, tense edge of your seat psychological thriller. The beginning of the book was quite slow, and I wasn’t sure whether it was going to pick up, but I stuck with it and boy am I glad I did. It takes a few chapters, to start to get gripped by the plot.

It was hard to work out whether 17 year old Eva was mad, or were her parents mad, if she had been in a car accident why is she locked in the attic?. Eva has little memory of the accident, she has woken up, from a coma and has to rely on her parents to look after her. They say they are protecting her after the road accident she was involved in with an unknown driver who appears to have kidnapped her.

Gradually her memory starts to return, she starts to doubt what her parents have been telling her about the accident and she wants to find out the truth. Eva sees from the attic, her best friends Rosa and Lars, that live on the neighbouring farm, call to visit one day, but her mother turns them away. Why? Eva decides to starve herself so that her parents have to let her out of the attic. Her weight starts to plummet, Eva’s mum is a doctor and you really wonder what is going on here.

The story is told through Eva’s point of view, as she gradually starts to regain her memory, the story unfolds, and leads you down a completely different path to what you expect, with a much more complicated story about a missing baby.

At times a little confusing and slow, but there are enough twists and turns that keep you engaged. With family history, interlocking secrets, traumatic events and a story that is at times very touching. Cleverly woven together tying everything up at the end.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Thank you to netgalley and Orion publishers for letting me have an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Isabel’s thrillers BEAUTIFUL LIARS and LITTLE SISTER were both Amazon bestsellers, and were shortlisted in the prestigious Dead Good Reader Awards in 2018 and 2019.

Isabel was born in London and grew up on the Sussex coast . Her writing career first took off ten years ago when an extract of her novel GLASSHOPPER won a national writing competition and was twice named among the Best Books of the Year. Today she is the author is seven novels, a Royal Literary Fund Lector, and a regular creative writing host at the Theakston Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival at Harrogate. She lives in Chichester with her carpenter husband and two grown children.

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