THE TRUTH By Naomi Joy


Perfect wife. Perfect life. Perfect crime

Anthony is not the man everyone believes him to be. And Emilia is not the woman he wants her to be.

Theirs is a whirlwind romance, Anthony was the doting boyfriend, the charismatic and successful career man who swept her off her feet. But now Emelia is trapped in a marriage of dark secrets and obsession.She is no more than something Anthony wants to ‘fix’ one of his pet projects.

Emilia has no escape from the life that Anthony insists on controlling, so she shares her story through the only means she can – her blog. Yet Anthony can never find out. Forced to hide behind a false name, Emilia knows the only way that Anthony will allow her to leave him, is death.

Trapped with a man she knows is trying to kill her, Emilia is determined that someone will hear her story and Anthony will meet his ends. That everyone will discover the truth.


This is one very confusing book I was reading this with a group of people on pigeonhole and if I had had a copy already I would have had to pick it up and finish it. Reading a few chapters each day, your mind was just going backwards and forwards as to who is telling the truth.

Emilia had met Anthony after going to interview him for an article, Anthony is an Archeologist and professor, he had made a big find. But within three months he had asked her parents on the first day he met them if he could marry Emilia. He is from a wealthy background although his parents had never seemed to have time for him growing up. Emilia is from a lower class background. She had been found to have a heart defect, and had had surgery which had not worked as they had hoped it would, so she was weak. After marrying Anthony after only knowing each other six months. Emilia starts being ill, days going by without her knowing anything. She starts writing a blog with an anonymous name not trusting Anthony. By now she believes he is trying to kill her. We have seen that other ex girlfriends have died although always through suicides. But then have we? Because all we are hearing is what Emilia is saying! So in one chapter you are thinking yes Anthony is trying to poison her, to control her, until she finally dies. Then the next you are wondering if it’s all in Emelia’s head. Her parents are also acting very weirdly at times, Anthony buys them a brand new kitchen, to go in what Emilia calls it a very dated house. Later he buys them a car. But is all this just innocent, or is he buying them. At times this book is very frustrating but that maybe because once you had finished that days chapters you had to wait for the next day, if you have the book you would just keep reading. You did want each days stave to come though because you just wanted to know what was going to happen next.

Is Emelia who she says she is? after all at the beginning of her blog she says the names have been altered. Is anything of what she is saying true? Who is the real Emilia and how far is this person willing to go? This is a book that will have you scratching your head, trying to work out what is going on. But is is based on a true story. I would say definitely give it a read. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars. Thank you to pigeonhole for letting me read this book along with others, it certainly makes it interesting when you are seeing others comments trying to guess what is happening. But the final twist non of us guessed it. This book is available to purchase as from September 2019. A good psychological thriller, do you think you could guess what’s happening before the final chapters close?

2 thoughts on “THE TRUTH By Naomi Joy

  1. Hi,
    Pigeonhole is like a book club, you sign up for free and they release books every so often and whichever date the book begins they release what they call staves most books have around 10 or 11 staves so you read the book over 10 or eleven days, a stave is normally a couple of chapters. What I like is that as you are reading you can add comments on the side or just read what others are thinking of the book. There are so many places for free in each book, if you get a place they email you on the day it starts (the date is always advertised with the book) I really like reading with other people especially if it’s a thriller or something where everyone is trying to guess. I had three books in the go this week The Truth by Naomi Joy, Bone China by Laura Purcell and The 26th Inspector Banks novel. If you find you are not enjoying it you can just say and stop reading or just leave that book, I think you also have the book for a month to read afterwards as well. I have signed up for a couple in October I think. Well worth a look. As I say it’s fun reading with other people. Hope that helps. I think the website is called if it’s not and you are interested message me and I will check the address. It really encourages you to read a book as well. Although t the moment I don’t need any extra help lol. Sometimes it’s also nice to read something you may not normally pick. Jackie x


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