I have had some very good reads this month, and managed to get through quite a few ARC’s for September and have made a good start on October’s. I think I mentioned before that I got carried away when I first found netgalley, and have spent my first three months playing catch up. I think I now have my books down to a manageable level and may even be able to read and review some of the books I have purchased, during October hopefully, as there are several I am itching to read but feel I should do the ARC’s first. So my top three books I read in September are:

This was my favourite book this month and I gave it 5 stars ⭐️, all my top three books have 5 stars but I am doing them in order of how much I liked the books and this one was just a great read.

My second favourite:

This was a very well written psychological thriller with a really good twist at the end which is what we all expect now from this genre.

My third favourite

A book I have had on my TBR since I started this is not due for release until the 10th October but it is a very good read, at times creepy, it had me hooked from the start as I just wanted to know who Lucy was. I think I knew but wanted to be sure but there was still an element of surprise there, but this is so well written it had to go in my top three.

Other books I have read this month that we’re also released this month and certainly deserve a mention as non of them aren’t worth at least that and I know I have seen others have read and enjoyed these ones.

Endgame was the final part of a trilogy by Daniel Cole it certainly didn’t disappoint and tied up all loose ends. I love Linwood Barclay and have read every book he has written but Elevator Pitch at times just didn’t do it for me a bit in the middle just dragged then the pace picked up again. The Wayward girls by Amanda Mason was good I have seen others may have enjoyed that more than me.
These are the last four that were released this month that I managed to read and review except for The Mitford Scandal which was already out I wanted to read it before reading the third book I still have the second book on my bookshelf to read.

The following books are out in October but I have already read and reviewed them so wanted to include them in my roundup of books I have read in September

A couple of good books for Halloween if you like haunted houses, and things that go bump then Those Who Came Before By j.H.Moncrieff is one of those books due for release on the 24th October and Nothing Hidden Ever By H.R.Mason due for release on 29th October will reads you enjoy.

Well that’s my roundup for September I hope everyone has had some good reads this month. I look forward to what’s in store for October. Happy Reading. ❤️


  1. OH WOW!! You have had quite a busy month, Jackie! SOOO MANYYY BOOKS!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ And the first three that you mentioned…I am soo gonna add them to my tbr! 😍 I love a good thriller and these three sound absolutely perfect! 😍😍❤️

    Wishing you an EVEN BETTER OCTOBER!! 😍🎉🎉🎉


  2. Thank you, I really hope you enjoy, Degrees of Guilt is definitely a five star read. I was kept very busy in September hoping I can slow down a little in October although I do have some really good reads coming up, as well as that ever growing TBR pile.

    Hope you have a great October too. 📚🎉💕


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