You only have one shot at this. Your message to someone you love. What is your last request?’

When human remains are discovered under Bradford’s derelict Odeon car park, DS Nikita Parekh and her team are immediately called to the scene.

Distracted by keeping her young nephew out of trouble, Nikki is relieved when the investigation is transferred to the Cold Case Unit, and she can finally focus on her family.

But after the identity of the victim is revealed, she’s soon drawn back into the case. The dead man is a direct link to her painful past.

As the body count begins to rise, Nikki must do everything she can to stop the killer in their tracks before anyone else gets hurt – even if it means digging up secrets she had long kept hidden….


A new series from Liz Mistry introducing D.S. Nikita Parekh as she fights crime in Bradford. A great start to a new series I like that Nikita doesn’t stand for any nonsense right from the start of the book as she goes charging in to see a family member, which initially you didn’t really know who he was, but she started having a go, no holds barred, but she didn’t even have the full facts in the first place. She was like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

I think as the series progresses it will be interesting to get to know Nikita and her team better, getting to know all the little quirks and mannerisms each character displays. Its always difficult when you are used to a writers other character’s as with Gus McGuire in Liz Mistry’s other books, starting a new series can always be a risk as people who like Gus may not like Nikki, but I think you have to give characters that time to develop and grow. I think she is going to be interesting as she is quite a complex character.

When a body is found under a derelict car park Nikki and Sajid are called out, but as its an old crime its initially handed over to the cold case team. But then forensic links are found between Nikita and the body. Despite the shock of finding out that the body is someone from her past, she still pushes on, determined to get to the bottom of the case. Niki has her flaws but then who doesn’t. She is a strong woman who loves her family, and her job. In between sorting out the family issues, which can be quite chaotic, and dysfunctional. We have an evil drug dealer, along with the usual villains, there is some violence, but then with the plot line that is to be expected, but add all this up and you have a great police procedural crime thriller. But just when you think you have guessed who was responsible for the murders, you find you have guessed wrong, didn’t see that coming.

It took me a while to get into the story initially, but once in, it started to flow nicely, this looks like it could be nother great series from Liz Mistry and I look forward to seeing more of Niki, Sajid, the rest of the team, and Niki’s family because I think they add to Niki’s character, and of course the story.

A great flying start to a new series, which i think fans of Liz Mistry will enjoy. I look forward to the next book.

I give this book four stars out of five.

This book will be out as an ebook on the 16th October 2019 and as a paperback and audiobook on the 12th December 2019.

I would like to thank netgalley and HQ digital for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair, and unbiased review.


Born in Scotland, Made in Bradford sums up Liz Mistry’s life. Over thirty years ago she moved from a small village in West Lothian to Yorkshire to get her teaching degree. Once here, Liz fell in love with three things; curries, the rich cultural diversity of the city … and her Indian husband (not necessarily in this order). Now thirty years, three children, two cats (Winky and Scumpy) and a huge extended family later, Liz uses her experiences of living and working in the inner city to flavour her writing. Her gritty crime procedural novels st in Bradford embrace the city she describes as ‘Warm, Rich and Fearless’ whilst exploring the darkness that lurks beneath. Struggling with severe clinical depression and anxiety for a large number of years, Liz often includes mental health themes in her writing. She credits the MA in Creative Writing she took at Leeds Trinity University with helping her find a way of using her writing to navigate her ongoing mental health struggles. Being a debut novelist in her fifties was something Liz had only dreamed of and she counts herself lucky, whilst pinching herself regularly o make sure it’s all real. She also teaches creative writin too. Now, having nearly completed a PhD in Creative Writing focussing on ‘the absence of the teen voice in adult crime fiction’ and ‘why expansive narratives matter’, Liz is chock full of ideas to continue writing. In her spare time Liz loves pub quizzes, dancing, visiting the varied Yorkshire Landscape, with Robin Hoods Bay being one of he favourite coastal destinations, listening to music, reading and blogging about all hints crime fiction on her blog, The Crime Warp.

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