Thank you to Erik from and Moud Adel for my spot on this book tour


Orantine is the best spy in her faction, the one they go to for impossible missions. But her next target is like nothing she has faced before, a high ranking official in a faction whose members can see the future. Orantine has never failed before, but this time, she isn’t sure success is possible. Armed with her faction’s genetic mutation, and the latest technology the world has to offer. Orantine believes she has found the perfect plan. Nothing comes without a price, however, and this mission will push her to the edge, and further. How far will she go to ensure success? And how far will she go to prove she is the greatest in her world?


Hello and welcome to my stop on this book blog tour, I would like to thank Erik from #breakevenbooks@gmail and Moud Adel for offering me a spot in this book tour, and for an ARC of the book.

I have never done a book blog tour before so just hope I am doing what is expected. Especially as I have a couple more coming up. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book as it is not my usual genre. I tend to stick to crime, or psychological thrillers. But when I was asked if I would read this novella I thought why not, step out of the comfort zone, if I don’t like it just say so. I was debating on whether this is fantasy or science fiction, I think it is more fantasy if I was hazarding a guess, with a bit of romance thrown in. Apologies if I am wrong.

I had the flu and was stuck in bed feeling really rough. I picked this up and wow that was it, I just couldn’t put it down until I had finished it, frantically making notes of the different special powers involved. I absolutely love it, and I need more, of this one like now, I need to know what happens next. Fantasy is a genre I openly admit I don’t think I have ever read, although I’m not sure why, maybe its my age, most of the bloggers I see reading this are certainly a lot younger than me, but I am going to give this genre a chance. I think the writers background as an Egyptologist and passion for world building certainly shines through in the writing. He has set the story in a continent/island called Mastoperia. There are four factions that are united by what the writer calls The Forbidden City which sits in the middle and is the governing body of the factions. There are two factions involved in this story. Lunar and Delphia. At the beginning Orantine Maray a Lunar is having to explain to a government agent/interrogator why she wants to retract a claim to asylum to the faction she is currently residing in Delphia, To give up her asylum she has to score so many points, and points are deducted for some things and added for others. But she has now been in Delphia for 17 years and needs to get back to Lunar, and is really losing her patience with the interrogator in this room, which could cost her points.

Orantine has gone to Delphia as a spy. Each Faction has a special powers, Lunars have seeds of different colours, each coloured seed is on a different part of the body and does different things, one of the abilities is from the blue seed which is planted on the forehead, this seed stores memories, before Orantine goes on her mission she wishes to discuss it with Bodya her husband of four years and father to their 3 year old daughter Evailen. To do this Bodya removes a blue seed from his forehead, they work like recorders so will record a memory, take it out that memory is not recorded or saved. So once the mission has been discussed Bodya can put the blue seed back and will forget the conversation. Orantine’s mission is to find out what she can about a Delphian named Matso, the Lunars only have very little information on him, when he visits Lunar he tells Orantine he will see her again soon, Orantine is not sure what he means by this.

Delphians power is that they are capable of reading minds, or knowing the future, but can only see their own future, but they can see multiple timelines and can differentiate between original and alternatives, by changing an action they do, they can change the future, like a domino effect but what they do always has to be the first domino. Delphians skills are graded by the colour of their collar, Matso has a brown collar this means his skills are rare he can see up to a decade into the future.

Bodya is a scientist inventing new technology. Bodya and Orantine know the mission is risky despite Orantine’s skills. Bodya has devised a blue box which holds six identical blue seeds just slightly smaller each seed can save up to one years memory so with six seeds that’s six years memory no more. The seeds carry genetic markers once connected to someone it configures itself to that DNA. These are only test ones but if they work they can erase Orantine’s memory so that Matsu can only see what they want him to see, Orantine will then put one of the blue seeds from the box into her forehead which will give her back some information which has been wiped, gradually she will have all of her memories back, but will have also gleaned the information on Matso. The Director is sceptical because of the risk, but Orantine is determined. The plan is to make out that she has been thrown out of her faction and ask Delphians as allies for asylum, she will be safe, as long as they don’t realise she is spying.

Will the mission go as planned? What could go wrong? There are so many brilliant ideas in this book that I thought were genius, the seeds that the lunar’s have, Six in total all different colours, different things each one does, although I don’t think we found out what all of them did, maybe four of them. There is mention of other factions.

I found some parts of the writing emotional, but also gripping, you just wanted to know what would happen next. There is romance, sacrifice and forgiveness encapsulated within a short novella, if the author can do that in 140 pages roughly. What could he achieve in a full book. I really wanted this to go on longer. I needed to know what was going to happen next. I was attached to these characters.

I highly recommend this book if you are into fantasy fiction or even if you aren’t but want to give it a try, this is the perfect start, okay I may not be qualified enough to say that, but I’m going to put my neck out here, give it a go, I love how well crafted this is, the characters are believable and relatable. Some of the ideas are ingenious. I love the different special powers each faction has. The seeds that the Lunars have being different colours on different parts of the body each seed does something different, there are six seeds in total but I don’t believe we were told what every seed did, all are different colours. So much imagination and thought has gone into this. I could actually see this being made into a television series, once more story is added.

The writing just flows, there are no snags, everything has been thought out and written meticulously. I would have liked this too have been longer as the potential is there for it to have continued on, I really hope this does go on to be either a full novel made from this or the writer follows this novella with a full book. Taking up where this left off. I am glad to maybe get an indie writer a bit of a boost as writing takes a lot of work.

I highly recommend that you check out the writers websites listed below especially the as there are cards and things on there which look brilliant, and possibly would appeal to many fantasy fiction fans.

Again thank you for allowing me on this book blog tour I really hope this helps the book and the author, and introduces many more people to this novella and any future books to follow.

I definitely give this five stars out of five I actually loved it so much and will be looking out for the next one to find out what happens next.


Moud Adel is an Egyptologist with a special passion for world building. He can live for days inside his head, surrounded only by his imagination, and ignoring all life basics. However, when he is back in the real world, he likes to watch movies, cook, dance and play as many card games as possible with his friends because he doesn’t shy away from his competitive side.

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