DESA KINCAID: Bounty Hunter By R.S. Penney, Gregg Chambers (Editor)


I was asked if I would read this book, and said yes without even having a clue what it was about. So when I saw it was a mix of fantasy, romance and western I was a little daunted as I don’t normally read either Fantasy or Western novels, I only occasionally read at romance. So wasn’t sure what to expect.

However, it seemed to be quite a good read, the characters are all well rounded, there is a representation of lesbian, gay and bisexuality in the story as well. So if you are into any of the above genre’s I’m sure this will be a book for you. I believe this is the part of a new series, so there will be some more background on the characters as they develop more.

Desa Kincaid, a bounty hunter is the lead character she is a skilled magician or a form of magic which the author calls it Field Binding. She is a bit of a loner prefers to work on her own, she does care about people though, as she goes on her journey to capture her nemesis she manages to pick up quite an eclectic group of friends. Fellow travellers on a journey, although a couple are a little bit more than that. Desa doesn’t realise how powerful she is.

The first couple of chapters are a little slow, but as you then start to meet more characters and the dialogue pick up, you are hooked and want to know more, side characters are introduce Miri is a character that stands out early on as she calls Tommy, Lommy, basically because she had an ex partner called Tommy so didn’t want to call him that, I found that quite funny, I wonder what everyone would do if we changed names of new people who had the same name as ex partners, could be fun, start a whole new name trend. There are a great mixture of characters though.

From around chapter four or five you are in the story, the characters, the action. The mythology and magic add to the fun and somehow work. So if you are looking for something a little different and you like science fiction. This book has a bit of everything adventure, some romance, friendships and relationships, emotion which there is quite a bit of because of betrayal, love, loss, even bigger betrayals, then I think you might just enjoy this book. I can’t even think of any other book I can compare this with.

Where does the western part come in, well that’s the type of setting, but with its own whole set of rules. To say this book is different is an understatement, but it’s different good, especially for people who enjoy any of the genre’s mentioned. It’s definitely worth giving a go if you are intrigued.

I would like to thank #Henryroi from #closetothebonepublishers for an eARC of this book in exchange for a fair, honest and unbiased review.

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