THE PACT By Amy Heydenrych


what if a prank leads to a murder?

When Freya arrives at her dream job with the city’s hottest start-up, she can’t wait to begin a new and exciting life, including dating her new colleague Jay.

However, Nicole, Jay’s ex and fellow employee, seems intent on making her life a misery. After a big deadline, where Nicole continually picks on her, Freya snaps and tells Jay about the bullying and together they concoct a revenge prank.

The next morning, Nicole is found dead in her apartment….

Is this just a prank gone wrong? Or does Freya know someone who is capable of murder – and could she be next?


This is the first book I have read by this author, and from the blurb I was intrigued by the plot. I enjoyed the story to a certain extent, my problem was the characters, were at times a little wooden, I didn’t care for them, for me I have found characters are important. The story flowed, which I think was because of the short chapters which I liked, I didn’t like the timeline as it seemed to be all over the place, back and forth in time through first person narratives of Freya and Isla, there was some repetitiveness which at times was annoying.

The story opens with the brutal murder of 31 year old Nicole Whittington, who works for one of the hottest tech start up company’s Atypical. Nicole is found battered and propped up in the shower having been battered by a bronze statue. Who could have hated this woman that much to beat her so visciously.? Then we go back three months.

Starting a new job is never easy, wondering if you will get on with everyone. Freya Matthews starts working for Atypical as a coder, she is dating one of her co-workers Joe. She appears to have a good boss in Julian. Unfortunately, there’s always that one person who wants to make life difficult, is it jealousy? Or is it just that they are t happy and don’t think anyone should be happy? Nicole is that person making life tough for Freya. After Nicole pushes just a little too hard one day Freya decides enough is enough.

Freya has had a difficult life, but she was determined to work hard with her studies and make a success of herself. With her perfect job she now thinks she has made it. If it wasn’t for Nicole life would be perfect, but her continuous bullying and humiliating her, just become too much for Freya. When the opportunity arises Jay and Freya decide to pull a prank on Nicole to get revenge. The following day is when Nicole is found dead in her apartment. Everyone is questioned. Can a prank end up as murder?

Freya then starts to receive messages anonymously, but they become more and more violent and threatening. She starts to wonder if she is going to be the next victim.

The premise of this story is good, highlighting how bullying can go on all day and night because of social media, also bullying in the workplace, which can be really tough for the person being bullied. Not sure there would be that much sexual harassment within one company, I do realise this sort of thing goes on but I don’t think a company would keep any staff with this much happening.

My only big problem was the ending, there were a couple of things that just didn’t work for me. But that just maybe me I am sure others will love this. My opinion is it just didn’t work. But that’s just me, the overall plot was good.

I will give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I would like to thank #netgalley and #Zaffre publishers for an eARC of this book

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