NINE ELMS By Robert Bryndza


Kate Marshall was a promising young police detective when she caught the notorious Nine Elms serial killer. But her greatest victory suddenly became a nightmare.

Fifteen years after those catastrophic, career ending events, a copycat killer has taken up the Nine Elms mantle, continuing the ghastly work of his idol.

Enlisting her brilliant research assistant, Tristan Harper, Kate draws on her prodigious and long neglected skills as an investigator to catch a new monster. But there’s much more than her reputation on the line: Kate was the original killer’s intended fifth victim… and his successor means to finish the job.


A new series from Robert Bryndza introducing Kate Marshall. Kate Marshall has a good career ahead of her in the Metropolitan Police force, that was until she had an affair with colleague Peter Conway, which had some devastating effects. Kate had been working hard trying to catch the Nine Elms killer but it turned out that Conway was the Nine Elms serial killer, and Kate was going to be victim number 5. She was dismissed from the police force due to her behaviour.

Moving on 15 years Kate is living a quiet life, on the coast, she has a son, who is the child of Peter Conway. She is now a lecturer, teaching criminology, at a university, but has never really fully recovered from her attack. She is a recovering alcoholic, trying to get and remain sober for her son who lives with his grandparents.

There is a new case, and it seems like it’s a copycat, the Nine Elms killer is still in prison. Kate receives a letter from someone in her past, which bring back so many memories. Girls are disappearing and being murdered in the same way the Nine Elms killer killed. The police seem to have no ideas. So Kate and her assistant start investigating on their own.

It’s always difficult when a writer starts a new series, with new characters as readers get so used to the old characters. So this is quite a brave move by Mr Bryndza. I think the characters worked, I like Kate, and look forward to seeing more of her, most first books have a lot of settling in to do with the characters, she is flawed, but I’m guessing finding out the person you are having an affair with and the fact you were due to be a victim would make anyone flawed, also to find out you are having his child as well.

The murders in this book are pretty shocking and gruesome, so not a cozy mystery, and not for the faint hearted. The story is dark and twisted, and at the same time gripping edge of your seat stuff.

There are characters readers will like and ones that are just creepy, and totally messed up.

I would like to thank #Netgalley and #Spherepublishers for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.


Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestselling Detective Erika Foster series. Roberts books have sold over 3 million copies and have been translated into 28 languages. He is British and lives in Slovakia.

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