I could never have imagined this time last year that I would have done my own blog, it’s not something I had even ever considered. I find I had a very naive view on writers and the publishing world. I have learnt a lot since I started my blog at the end of May early June.

It mainly started when I was in a Facebook group called crime fiction addicts, which just happens to be my favourite genre. I was reading about books being recommended and saw one I didn’t think I had heard of before called The Puppet Show by M. W.Craven, lots of people were raving about it, so I thought maybe I should read it, what I hadn’t realised until I was near my bookcase was that at some stage I had purchased this book. I had no idea when I had bought it but sat down to read and was completely hooked by two of my now favourite character Washington Poe and Matilda ‘Tilly’ Bradshaw.

I kept noticing on this same group something called netgalley and eARC’s or ARC’s I had no idea what these things were or what the acronyms stood for, so one day I asked. I was told about netgalley so immediately went online to see what it was all about, it was then I thought right let’s give this a go. I cobbled together this blog site not having a clue what I was doing (still don’t half the time) there are a few things I would like to change, but for now it works for me, although I have seen some great blogging sites. I also took to Twitter which was totally new to me, despite having set an account up a while ago, I hadn’t really used it or looked at it.

When I first signed up to netgalley I didn’t expect to get any books so just asked for ones I liked the sound of, I have to admit I got a little carried away, one book I was delighted to see on there was Black Summer by M.W.Craven the second book with Poe and Tilly in it, so I requested that one straight away. The following day I noticed I had some emails from netgalley saying I had been given some of the books I had requested, totally shocked, but also excited I downloaded them and began reading. So I guess M.W.Cravens two books are two of the top books of my year. I loved both of them and can’t wait to read The Curator in 2020 for my Poe and Tilly fix. In the meantime I am looking forward to the authors two earlier books with Alison Fluke which are due out on the 9th January 2020.

So now I felt I had to get this blog up and running, seemed easier said than done. I had the help of my youngest son and my daughter worked out how to do a couple of bits that i was totally baffled by and we now have my blog.

From then on I started interacting on Twitter with other book lovers and authors, and I hope I have made some lovely friends on there, I am so grateful for all those people who have made me feel so welcome in the book blogging, and reading world, and my learning that writers don’t just get a publishing deal and that’s it they are made famous, reviews are important, as is spreading the word of a book you have enjoyed to other readers. Obviously we all have different tastes in books, so what I may enjoy someone else may not, and vice verse. Reading is subjective and I found as I wrote reviews that I needed to be careful, I would never ever make comments about the state of a book I had ordered if it’s not in pristine condition, I mean how is that the authors fault, but I have seen such reviews. If I really really don’t like a book, there have been a few, not many, but i still take lots of things into account when reviewing. Is the writing good? Is it just not a book that appeals to me? Am I in the mood to read something different? I would never give a bad review, because at the end of the day someone has spent hours and hours writing that piece of work, and just because it’s not up my street, it may entertain someone else. I have seen and purchased many books over the years that have been hyped up as being fantastic, but as I’ve sat to read them I have not been able to engage, with the plot, or the characters, or something else.

This year has been very up and down for me, having started the year burying my only sibling after she passed away from cancer, I have tried to avoid books that would be very emotional, for my father he also lost a sister during the year, and my youngest son and his wife had gone through IVF fallen pregnant but a short time later they lost the baby, I felt like I had lost a grandchild, I had been so happy for them that the IVF had worked. Seemed so sad that they so desperately wanted that baby which would have been due in December but wasn’t meant to be, heartbreaking.

So to get to my top books that really stayed with me,these are in no particular order, all have equally engaged me and I have found them to be such good books, I guess I should really start with the two that started me blogging.

Book one introducing Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw a great start to a new series.
Book two with Poe and Tilly which was even better than book one.
This was an absolutely incredible debut novel by Kia Abdullah, the story really stuck with me, if you haven’t yet read this I would very highly recommend it.
An engrossing read, another one that really had me thinking, again highly recommend.
Another debut novel, nothing like I expected,but again engrossing, a completely different type of story.
Boy did this one have me hooked from start to finish.
I read a couple of books that I literally didn’t see the end coming and this was one of those.
Another one that kept me guessing, as well as a totally unexpected ending.
This was the first book I had read by this author but definitely won’t be the last.
The debut novel by Deborah Masson and the start of what looks to be another great series.
This is a book I recommend for the start of 2020 it’s due for release on the 9th January and hooked me from the first word until the last one.
This is book three in a series, I have books one and two but this was excellent had the joy of reading this with PigeonholeHQ a serial killer thriller.


All these books have reviews on this blog, so I haven’t written everything about them but I chose these books out of 172 that I have read this year. I am already looking forward to some good books in 2020, have already read a few. I am hoping I manage to get more paperback proofs this year,rather than everything on my kindle. I already have a few waiting to be read along with the large amount of books I have purchased during this year but haven’t yet had chance to read. But I have now got my netgalley books down to a reasonable amount. I also have a few book blog tours, another thing I had never heard of, the first ones I found a little nerve wracking but now I have done a few I am more comfortable.

Who knows what is to come in 2020

I would just like to wish anyone who follows my blog, and my Twitter thank you for letting me a part of this community, and may this coming year be a good one for all. Happy New Year to all.


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