UNFOLLOW ME by Charlotte Duckworth


You can’t stop watching her.

Violet Young is a hugely popular journalist-turned-mummy-influencer, with three children, a successful husband and a million subscribers on YouTube who tune in daily to watch her everyday life unfold.

Until the day she’s no longer there.

But one day she disappears from the online world – her entire social media presence deleted overnight, with no explanation. Has she simply decided that baring her life to all online is no longer a good idea, or has something more sinister happened to Violet?

But do you really know who Violet is?

Her fans are obsessed with finding out the truth, but their search quickly reveals a web of lies, betrayal, and shocking consequences….


I have to admit being an older generation, I struggle with some of the “influencer” YouTube Vlog things, I think I only really know about them as my daughter follows some young mums, and has mentioned them. But I guess blogging about books is a similar thing, but I feel less invasive. I am not sure I could put my whole life on the internet, but I know there are people that do. So this is certainly a book of our times, makes you wonder what will come around next.

Violet Young is an “influencer” with a huge following on social media, her very popular mummy vlog, Violet is Blue, she began this to help other mums deal with, or even recognise postpartum depression, which some women don’t even realise they have until months after having had a child. The problem with having a huge amount of followers, is that it can come with a lot of “trolls” haters, who make nasty comments, each and every day, the trouble is if you are suffering depression at the same time, some of these comments can be hard to overlook.

Now it appears that a follower knows an awful lot more about Violet and has her email address, where she is being harassed even more. This person states if Violet puts all information about herself out there then she is just asking for someone to find her, and that they know everything about her!

Violet has a top fan with a young widow known as Lily, who has a 3 year old son, since the loss of her husband she has had severe depression, she used to have friends, and a life, until she had her son and lost her partner. She had turned to watching Violet to fill the void of not having friends, she believes that Violet knows her, understands her and what she is going through. But does she really?

Then there is 40 year old Yvonne who desperately wanted to have children with her younger husband Simon, but it seems it’s not meant to be, as Simon is infertile. So Yvonne turns to Violet is Blue as well as other websites and chat rooms.

This story is told through 3 different points of view, Lily and Yvonne and Henry, Violet’s shady husband. Through the alternating chapters from these characters, the story begins to unfold, with dark secrets, are these three connected? If so in what way?

Henry and Violet seem to have the perfect life to anyone looking in, Henry is successful, Violet is popular on her online sites, they have 3 children. But is everything that is shown online always as good as it seems, after all we all show a different side to ourselves when out in public, no one sees what goes on behind closed doors. The same could be said about an internet “Influencer”.

One day Violet is there online then she disappears, her whole online presence disappears, social media presence is deleted. With no explanation, what has happened to Violet? This is a question that fans discuss on forums, where things can be twisted, and how fickle fans are, when they go from liking someone until a little doubt turns them. Without even knowing the truth.

This is a well written, clever and twisty story, with some nice and not so nice characters, a great fast pace, the pages get turned fast as you lose yourself in the story, this is the authors second book. I for one will be looking out for the next book.

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I would like to thank #netgalley and #Quercus for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review..

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