Is he who you think he is?

Kate used to be good at recognising people. So good, she worked for the police, identifying criminals in crowds of thousands. But six months ago, a devastating car accident led to a brain injury. Now the woman who never forgot a face can barely recognise herself in the mirror.

At least she has Rob. Kate met him just after her accident, and he nursed her back to health in his high-tech modernist house on the Cornish coast. When she’s with him, the nightmares of the accident fade, and she feels safe and loved.

Until, one day, she looks at Rob anew – and knows, with absolute certainty, that he has been replaced by an imposter. Is she right? Have her old recognition skills returned? Or is it all in her damaged mind?


WOW!! What a read, had me engrossed from the beginning until the end. At just short of 500 pages this was quite a quick read as well, with short chapters told from 3 points of view Kate, Jake and Silas.

This is a fast pace psychological thriller crossed police procedural, I have read other books by this author but I think hands down this is the best one to date. The characters are relatable, believable and main ones are likeable. I was trying to work out what was going on all the way through, boy was I kept guessing, I love how the reader is kept totally engaged throughout. Whichever character is telling the story.

Kate was a super recogniser, she only had to see a face once and would recognise it straightaway again, she is also an artist, a portrait painter, but that wasn’t paying the bills. So she had gone to work with the police, this is where she had met DI Silas Hart who worked for Swindon CID, where they had been focused on people trafficking.

Until one night driving home after a long day, Kate crashed her car into a tree, with a head injury as well as other minor injuries, her days of super recognising are over, her brain no longer functions as it did before, this has also affected her painting as well, which she desperately wants to do again.

6 months after her accident she is living in an ultra modern house with every modern convenience and more, on the coast of Cornwall, the house is owned by her new partner Rob, who she happened to meet whilst in hospital recovering from her injuries. She had split with her longtime boyfriend Jake, after she had seen him on a CCTV camera kissing another woman, they had been together for 12 years, before the split, but the relationship had been flagging for a while, no money, living in cramped quarters on a riverboat, things had started to crumble.

Jake still loves Kate, but he knows she has now moved on, Silas had blamed himself for Kate’s crash, knowing that they had pushed her hard for results, cases were now going to court, cases Kate had worked on.

But what does Kate really know about Rob, she knows he says he loves her, he is caring, making sure she sees a neuropsychologist Dr Varma, Rob spends the weeknights in his apartment in London running a big high tech company, he never stops if he’s not working, he is practising tennis, forever on the go, he then tells her one day of his biggest fear! He has apparently once met his doppelgänger and his fear is that if he meets him again he will take over his life, that will be the end of him. Kate is happy he has confided in her. That is until things start happening.

I’m not sure if the house she lives in is one of the future I’m not sure I would want it, the gas job lights itself as she is standing in the kitchen one day, apparently not for the first time, other weird things happen as well which Rob puts down to technical glitches, some he can control from London, some he can’t.!

I highly recommend this book, such a gripping, engrossing read, I was up until 3 in the morning reading, until my eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer, then finished reading it when I woke up the following day. There are so many things going on, from all different angles. Is Rob Kate’s guardian angel? or is Rob his doppelgänger? Does he have a twin? A robot? I have to say all of these things were going through my head. Great side characters as well, in Bex Kate’s best friend, and D.C. Strover who works with DI Silas Hart. Loved them all, would like to see more of the detective’s.

I definitely give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ another great book for 2020.

I would like to thank #netgalley and #HeadofZeus for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.

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