Crime and punishment is Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s business. Murder her speciality. Named by the social worker who found her when she was a mere child roaming that city’s streets, Eve Dallas is a New York police detective who lives for her job. In over ten years on the force, she’s seen it all – and knows her survival depends on her instincts. But she’s going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roark, a charismatic Irish billionaire – and a suspect in Eve’s latest murder investigation.

But passion and seduction have rules of their own, and it’s up to Eve to take a chance in the arms of a man she knows nothing about – except the addictive hunger of needing his touch.


I have read many books by this author as Nora Roberts, but despite having seen lots of people talk about these books for some reason I have never picked one up, I’m not sure if it was because I had read it was set in the future that had put me off, but as the 50th book is due for release I believe in 2020 there must be something good in these books, for fans to keep buying them. Baring in mind these books were written 20 years ago, so we are now in the future!

So this is book one where we meet Eve Dallas who is a good cop, she is tough, intelligent, but also at times vulnerable, determined to see justice served, her work is her life, she remembers nothing before her eighth birthday, but she does have some memory flashes, which hint that there may have been some abuse, so is it better not to remember?

A prominent family want Eve to investigate when their daughter is murdered, during this investigation she meets billionaire and mysterious Roarke, who is a suspect in the case. I’m not going to give any plot spoilers out, as it’s up to the reader to decide if this is a series they will enjoy.

There is a plenty of suspense in this, at times a little disturbing, but so well written. Along with romance. Despite Eve putting up a tough wall, Rourke knows how to try and knock that wall down, but now in a way that he wants to change her. I believe these characters continue to the present books, along with some characters that are introduced in this book and many more to follow. I always like to start a series at the beginning although think it may be tough to work through all of these books if I want to read anything else this year as well.

The futuristic part of this novel wasn’t really what I expected in fact it was quite a visionary book, where there are phones where people can see each other, driverless cars and things that we now take for granted, things we would struggle to live without. This is a well plotted crime novel. So if you like Crime with some romance then maybe it’s time to start this series. After all if book 50 is due for release this year then the author must certainly be doing something right.

I remember reading recently that Nora Roberts writes every single day, even on holiday, not just for a couple of hours either, I believe it said she wrote for around 8 hours a day. So no wonder she is such a prolific writer, and has a large fan base.

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ i May have to start working my way through these books, if they were so visionary 20 years ago, I wonder what is in the later books.

I would like to thank #netgalley and #PiatkusLittleBrownBooks for an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.

One thought on “NAKED IN DEATH: 1. By J.D.Robb

  1. I read this recently, and for reasons similar to yours, it’s been sat on my self unread for ages. Enjoyed it, and read the next two. Not sure if I’ll catch up with all of them though 😂 I need to read like Robert’s writes.

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