THE MURDER HOUSE By Michael Wood (DCI Matilda Darke Thriller, Book 5)


They were the perfect family. It was the perfect crime.

It’s the most disturbing crime scene DCI Matilda Darke has ever seen….

The morning after a wedding reception at a beautiful suburban home in Sheffield, the bride’s entire family are stabbed to death – in a frenzied attack more violent than anything DCI Matilda Darke could have imagined.

Forensics point to a burglar on the run across the country. But cracks are starting to appear in Matilda’s team, someone is playing games with the evidence – and the killer might be closer to home than they thought…


This is the fifth book in the Matilde Darke series and it just keeps getting better and better, in fact I think this is the best one yet.

A wedding has just taken place, the bride and groom have left for their honeymoon. One of the guests calls round the house to collect some personal items and what she finds is a horrific gruesome scene. Serena, Clive and Jeremy Mercer have been killed in a horrific way, the only survivor is a young girl tied to a chair.

The Homicide and Major Enquiry team struggle with the scene finding it to one of the most frenzied, horrific scenes they have had to see. With mutilated features, near decapitation, the crime scene seems frenzied and personal. Even some of the seasoned detectives struggle with the sight.

But as the team start to investigate, everyone seems to say how nice the family are, so who would want to do this to them? Why?

It’s down to DCI Darke and the team to find that out. With some cleverly placed red herrings, this story flows brilliantly, keeping the reader engaged from start to finish, with a great team of characters, Michael Wood has surpassed himself on this one. Love the characters, the banter, the pace, a very well crafted story.

Already looking forward to book 6

I would like to thank #netgalley and #OneMoreChapter for an eARC if this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.


Michael Wood is a freelance journalist and proofreader living in Sheffield. As a journalist he has covered many crime stories throughout Sheffield, gaining first-hand knowledge of police procedure. He also reviews books for CrimeSquad, a website dedicated to crime fiction.

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