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Just as DCI Banham and DI Alison Grainger are about to get married, a policeman is shot and all officers are urgently called to the scene.

Banham, a trained hostage negotiator, rushes to the street when he hears his friend, PC Martin Neville, has been injured and taken hostage, along with four others. As Banham tries to negotiate, things go from dangerous to critical, with PC Neville is in a life-threatening condition.

Meanwhile Grainger, having been left at the altar, defies orders and is working on the case from the CCTV room. When the pieces begin to fall together, she finds herself in a deadly situation. With time nearly up, the demands of the hostage-takers are yet to be met and lives remain at risk…

DCI Banham returns in the latest heart racing novel from critically acclaimed author Linda Regan. This fast-paced and gritty thriller is perfect for fans of Lynda La Plante and Kimberley Chambers.


This is the first book I have read by this author, and I know this was an eARC but at times reading it was so annoying. So much repetitiveness, and missing words hopefully the actual book won’t have these things in it.

The story was engrossing, engaging and at times gripping, DI Alison Grainger is in a car with her father on her way to her wedding to DCI Paul Banham, but as they get nearer and nearer she is getting cold feet, thinking she is doing the wrong thing, despite the fact she has a frilly dress on with pink frills which she absolutely hates, but it is done so that, Madeleine, Banhams niece can wear pink and dress like a fairy, that was the only way she would agree.

But things don’t go quite as planned as a call comes through for all police to be called in, Bannham is a negotiator so he is definitely needed. So dashes off. Infuriatingly for Alison he sends her a text message saying she should still go on the honeymoon to Greece and he will catch up with her as soon as he can. Alison it appears is known for her temper, and is not at all impressed by his attitude, finding it condescending especially as he finishes off by telling her to make sure she puts on lots of sunscreen.

The drama unfolds, rioting in London, as well as looting, the police are under a lot of pressure, but now things have got worse, as a couple of police officers and civilians have been taken as hostages into a warehouse, they know one of the officers is injured, and has lost a lot of blood from the amount that is outside.

The officer injured is PC Martin Neville and he is inside the warehouse as a hostage with PC Hannah Kemp, she is due to be married to another officer in a months time. The other hostages are two elderly Asians and a young Asian female. The perpetrators are also Asian, so what is it that they want. It’s up to Banham to try and get to the bottom of this a negotiator as soon as possible. But these guys don’t want to play by the rules.

Banham thinks that Alison has flown off to Greece when in fact she has stayed back and is working in headquarters, she had wanted to go to the scene but her boss said no. She is of more use going over CCTV footage, and interviewing prisoners taken in to see what they can find out. Tension notches up as Banham is being told by the SC019 headed up by Carter, that he should just let them storm the place. But Banham doesn’t want to take any chances on the hostages.

The tensions builds throughout the story, between the different ranking detectives, as well as the fiancée of Hannah, who knows she is a hostage and wants to get her out. The pace stays pretty fast most of the way through, with a couple of twists towards the end that I did see coming. But this is a well plotted police procedural story. With lots of action. There is more behind the hostage situation than the police originally know. Some great characters. Likeable, relatable and believable what more could you want.


Linda is a successful actress, still best known for her portrayal of April, the sweet yellow-coat, in the BBC award winning comedy Hi-De-Hi. Other programmes she has appeared in include: The Bafta nominated Channel five series: Harry and Cosh, The Bill, London’s Burning, Minder, Gentle Touch, The Knock, a Lynda La Plante series: Framed, to name but a few. Also many films, a season with the RSC, and many good theatre roles. To date she has appeared in nearly a hundred commercials.

She has been writing all her life: short stories, radio, fact and fiction. Her first crime novel was published in 2006, and her subsequent novels have all received excellent reviews.

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Published in paperback and digital formats by Headline Accent on 12th December 2019

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