RIVER OF LIES By R.M.Greenaway


In rain drenched Vancouver, detectives Dion and Leith chase connections between a tragic drowning, a violent assault, and an apparent suicide.

February is the month of romance, but in North Vancouver it’ s also become the month of murder. While the North Shore RCMP slog through the rain in the search for whoever left a young woman to die in the Riverside Secondary School parking lot – their first clue a Valentine’s Day card – a toddler mysteriously vanished from a Riverside Drive home in the midst of a dinner party.

With Constable JD Temple’s full attention on the parking lot murder, Constable Dave Leith and Cal Dion work the kidnap . . . Until a tenuous connection is made between the two cases, along with the thinnest ray of hope that the child could be alive and well in the hands of a childless couple. But when more tragedy rains down on the North Shore, lies must be unveiled before the ugly truth can emerge.


Despite this being the fifth book in the B.C. Blue Crime Series. This does read well as a stand alone novel. Although, if you have read previous books in the series it may give you more insight into the characters. I haven’t read any of the previous books and for me this is a new author. Set mainly in North Vancouver, Canada.

It’s February, and the North Shore RCMP have to brave the cold, wind and rain, a young woman who worked as a janitor, at the Riverside Secondary school had been working late cleaning the school. Leaving the school in the dark, heading to her boyfriends home, for a meal celebrating Valentine’s Day. Her dead body is found later in the school parking lot. Constable Judy Temple is assigned the investigation into her death.

Meanwhile, a thirteen month old, Luna Mae, has gone missing from her home whilst her mother and stepfather are hosting a dinner party. Constable Dave Leith and Cal Dion are tasked at looking into what has happened, has she been kidnapped? Could she have wandered off? Have the mother and stepfather hurt her? It seems that there is a very complicated home situation, that the officers have to delve into. The father is frantic about the disappearance of his daughter and blames his ex wife and her older husband, whilst the ex wife accuses him of kidnapping their daughter. The whole relationship between this couple is convoluted, having adopted his nephew and niece after the death of their parents, and whilst they were still married. It seems the older children seem to know more of what’s going on, but are keeping secrets.

There are more things going on in between these plot lines, things to do with Dion’s past, which could possibly end his career if revealed.

This is a cleverly at times complicated gripping read, the characters are relatable, and believable, some have flaws, but I guess that can make them more believable. A great police procedural with a lot of plot twists and turns to keep the reader engaged, and guessing. A lot of themes are explored through the book, drug use, lies, murder, relationships, custody battles over children. Which all adds to the layers of the story. It’s not an easy story to solve, with unreliable suspects thrown in.

Whilst the murder and disappearance of the child are sorted and all tied up, other loose ends are left open, which I assume is for the next book in the series. I am glad that the author didn’t rush through to tie up everything as sometimes this can seem rushed at the end to fit everything in.

This is a great read, if you like your police procedurals, I am going to look back for the previous novels in the series to get to know some of the characters dynamics better, as this is quite a complex twisted story at times, with the characters I love the style of writing and the pace, plenty of things going on.

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if you like a good police procedural grab this.


R.M. Greenaway has worked in probation and travelled British Columbia as a court reporter. Her first novel in the B.C. Blues Crime series, Cold Girl, Won the Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award. She lives in Nelson, B.C. River of Lies is the fifth book in the series.

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