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This is the first book in a series introducing Trudy Genova, and I absolutely loved this. Trudy is a qualified nurse and has worked in hospitals in New York, but all that changed when she met Meg Pitman, Trudy initially lived with Meg and they soon became best friends. Through Meg, Trudy gets a job as a medical consultant for PDJ a movie studio, currently on a daytime soap opera where she makes sure anything medical/surgical is filmed accurately, as well as supervising any children in the cast. Meg is a production Assistant.

Trudy also loves reading crime and mystery novels and dreams of writing one herself one day. Her job also means she gets sent scripts which she reads through to make sure the scenes are accurate. No more late shifts, or night shifts, bedpans, or uniforms.

Whilst filming a scene where character Griff Kennedy is in hospital attached to a heart monitor Trudy makes sure the continuity is right and has the machine set up that she can make it look like he is having a heart attack. As filming of the scene starts the actor starts to clutch his stomach, rather than his chest, but also points towards Trudy as he falls to the floor. Realising that the actor is in real trouble Trudy soon rushes over and starts to do CPR, unfortunately it’s too late. Everyone is in shock. But there is more to come when it turns out he didn’t die from natural causes. Detective Ned O’Malley and Detective Tony Borelli are assigned to the case. Ned is looking at Trudy as the prime suspect, so Trudy decides its up to her to investigate for herself to prove that she is innocent, she enlists the help of Meg to get information. Much to Ned’s annoyance. But then another cast member dies, but what links the two? As well as this case Ned and Tony are also working on a string of brutal attacks which appear to have been done by the same perpetrator but the detectives struggle to work out what connects the victims.

What I really enjoyed about this read is getting to know the characters Trudy and Meg are there for each other, then it’s clear that there is some chemistry between Meg and Tony. Which could be complicated as Meg comes from a high society family, whereas Tony lives above his fathers garage. Getting to learn more on Trudy’s background, her mistrust of men and why, as well as Ned’s family background. These are characters you get to love. Along with several more. Is there going to be romance in the air between Trudy and Ned? Despite him getting exasperated with Trudy interfering in his investigation. This story has it all, police procedural, cozy mystery, some romance, and humour. A perfect read to curl up with. I found myself chuckling away at some parts of this.

I certainly give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and as I had book two to read as well I picked that up straight after finishing book one.


Trudy Genova has the best job any nurse could want, working on set as a medical consultant for a NY movie studio. No more uniforms, bedpans or emergencies, until the actor whose overtures she has refused dies whilst taping a hospital scene- – but not before pointing his finger accusingly at Trudy. When detectives view Trudy as a suspect, she sets out on an investigation to clear her name. Then a second death occurs, and Trudy realises she’s put herself in jeopardy.

DEATH AT THE DAKOTA (A Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery) By M.K.Graff


This is the second book in the Trudy Genova series, and book two is as good if not better than book one. As we see a romance blossoming between Detective Ned O’Malley and Trudy, as well as the ongoing romance between Meg Pitman and Detective Tony Borelli. Although it seems Ned and Trudy haven’t had much chance to see that much of each other because of work commitments. It’s great to see more of these characters as well as a little more of some of the other characters from the first book.

In book two Trudy is watching over Monica Kiley who is starring in her first film role in Love and the Heiress. Monica is pregnant and has had two previous miscarriages so Trudy is there to make sure that Monica gets a break when she needs it and to monitor her whilst she is working. Meg is also production Assistant on this film so the two are working together. Filming is almost finished with just a few still shots to be done and one last scene needing to be reshot due to lighting, when Monica disappears, where has she gone? She had left just before the rest of the cast and crew and was supposed to be meeting her husband for lunch. Then one of the cast is found dead on the kitchen floor. Initially it looked like he had fallen and hit his head, but Trudy is convinced he has been murdered, but why?

Meanwhile, Ned and Tony are working on a string of burglaries, until they get called to a burnt body left in a dumpster in an alleyway. The Detectives have their work cut out trying to identify the body due to the burns leaving no fingerprints and only a slight chance of getting some DNA. Then they get called to the Dakota, for the disappearance of Monica as well as the death of the actor.

Trudy finds herself playing a mixture of Hercule Poirot and Nancy Drew in this mystery. Honoured to be able to be allowed into the Dakota, a place that has been home to Leonard Bernstein and his family at one stage and the place where John Lennon was shot. As well as home to a number of celebrities at one time or another. In one chapter Trudy sees Yoko Ono getting the lift.

I now look forward to the next book in this series, as I have really got to like these characters so much, for me personally I love characters that are relatable and believable, watching them grow from book to book makes them feel like family.

Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read, if you like a police procedural, with a cozy mystery feel then grab both of these books or either, as book two can be read as a stand-alone novel, but I like to start a series at the beginning.

Reading both of this books one after the other made me long to go and visit New York again. Reading of the lovely eateries, and some of the sights I didn’t get to see on my two visits.

I would like to thank the author for gifting me copies of these two books in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.


Nurse Trudy Genova is making plans to take her relationship with NYPD detective Ned O’Malley to the next level when she lands a gig as medical consultant on a film shoot at the famed Dakota apartment building in Manhattan, which John Lennon once called home. Then star Monica Kiley goes missing, a cast member turns up dead, and it appears Trudy might be next. Meanwhile Ned tackles a mysterious murder case in which the victim is burned beyond recognition. When his investigations lead him back to the Dakota, Trudy finds herself wondering: how can she fall in love if she can’t even survive?


Award winning author Marni Graff write the Nora Tierney English Mysteries, featuring an American writer living in the UK; and the Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries, based on Graff’s work during her nursing career as a medical consultant for a NY movie studio. Her short story, “Quiche Alain” appears in the Malice Domestic 14; Mystery Most Edible anthology. The Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press, Graff also writes a crime review blog: She’s a member of Sisters in Crime, the NC Writer’s Network, and the International Association of Crime Writers, Graff and her husband live in eastern NC with two Aussie Doodles, Seamus and Fiona.

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