DETECTIVE LB AND HOPPER The Case of the Missing Chocolate Frogs By Janey Gaston illustrated by Anil Tortop @AuthorJaney

Available to purchase from all good book retailers £6.99 available from 28th September 2020


Detective LB and Hopper have a mystery to solve. They set out for the Poppycat Candy Company with two magnifying glasses, a hat, two comic books and three carrots.

Will they be able to solve the case of the disappearing chocolate frogs?

Beautiful bright illustrations


This is a slightly different review for me, it being my first children’s story book, that I have reviewed, but having raised four children, and now having 4 young grandsons, who I want to encourage to read as much as possible. I was delighted to accept the offer of looking at and reviewing this book for the author Janey Gaston, thank you for my gifted copy which has in no way influenced this review in any way.

I love these little characters Detective LB is a ladybug who takes being a Detective very seriously, Hopper the rabbit who likes to bounce everywhere and possibly gets a little bit over excited, he is a big fan of a comic book hero known as Renegade Roo, he sees himself being as good as if not better than his hero. Business has been a bit slow of late, so when a client in the form of a rather large silky cat known as Poppy knocked on the door looking to hire a detective LB and Hopper were delighted, after all Bunnybugs Detective Agency believe they can solve any crime!! It turns out their new client owns The Poppycat Candy Company and for the last two Wednesdays extra yummy chocolate frogs due to be delivered to Grandma Rose have gone missing, Poppy believes someone is stealing them.

LB and Hopper are now on the case and assure Mr Poppy that they will solve it. They begin investigating immediately visiting the candy store where the chocolate frogs had gone missing from. They interviewed the staff who worked there, and looked around for clues.

I actually really enjoyed this story and I’m sure when I see him my two and a half year old grandson will, the characters are great, I realise my grandson may not yet understand all of the story, but I know for sure as I tell it he will be looking at the illustrations and I will be asking him questions of what things are and if he can see certain items on the page, which I feel adds to the fun of reading to little ones, then as he grows and learns to read this is an ideal book for him to be learning from with a proper story. The characters all have their own little identities, where LB takes his work very seriously hopper is not quite as serious as he wants to bounce around with his over enthusiastic attitude. But together the pair work well to solve the case. I can see this making a great little series, with new characters being added.

I think out of all the children’s books I’ve read of late this has to be one of my favourites. The story is slightly longer than some yes and maybe some children may fidget a bit if they aren’t engaged enough, but as you read it to them you can engage them in the story with the illustrations as you go along. I will look out for more books in this series and will definitely be reading this to at least one of my grandsons, maybe more when I get to see them. Especially at quiet time.

I give this 5 ⭐️ out of 5⭐️ for the story and 5⭐️ out of 5⭐️ for the presentation and illustrations. A perfect book gift for a toddler for Christmas or birthday.


Janey Gaston works as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with both children and adults. She lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. Anil Tortop has a degree in animation and has created animated apps, TV games, and multimedia educational materials. She has now illustrated more than 30 children’s books.


Reading level: 3-5 years. 32 pages long

ISBN-10: 1912678195

ISBN-13: 978-1912678198

Publishers: Little Steps Publishing

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