DeLUCA By Darren Arthur’s

Available on Amazon as paperback £7.99 | ebook £2.00


Breanne DeLUCA is a wise-cracking, streetwise woman whose mundane life of delivering groceries and dreaming of becoming an international DJ is interrupted when she’s asked to find her old childhood friend who mysteriously disappeared a few months before.

What should be an easy payday turns out to be more complicated than she had ever imagined where she will find herself mixing with drug lords, European criminals, gym owners, car salesmen and a dangerous gangster with his own reason to find the missing woman… DeLuca is a character you’ll immediately love and find yourself rooting for in this funny story of lost friendships and family connections.


Breanne DeLuca is one sassy character that you just can’t help rooting for. Half the time she has no clue of the danger she is in. The rest of the time she just seems to wing it somehow. If you like a character driven book then this is a read to grab.

Bre delivers shopping from a supermarket, but she dreams of being a to DJ and making millions. She has no one to support her in her dreams, she doesn’t even seem to have any friends. Just as she is out doing deliveries one day she spots a car that appears to be following her. But dismisses it initially until she sees it again later. She goes stomping over to the car and asks the drivers why they are following her. This is where she is told their boss wants a word with her, the boss being an old school friends father, she offers to drive herself to his house after work, but is told he no longer lives where he used to. They have been instructed to bring her there. So it’s later in the day she finds herself in the large house in Ash Lane, renamed by the locals as cash Lane as all the houses are enormous, with gates, guards, vast driveways, garages which will hold a vast number of vehicles. Realising her friends father has done much better for himself than she had ever imagined.

Mister Massana wants to hire Breanna to find his daughter who has been missing for 5 months and he is out of his mind with worry. Breanna isn’t sure how she can help she hasn’t seen Millar for years they had drifted apart at some stage and now in their early twenties know nothing about each other. But Massana is convinced that Breanna may be able to succeed where he has failed. Offering to pay her a daily salary whilst she is looking Breanna agrees to give it a go. But she has no clue what she is getting herself into.

But the thing with Breanne is she takes no nonsense from anyone and at times some of her altercations are just so amusing. When she meets Pavek a great big grumpy Polish guy, who enjoys feeding the ducks in a quiet place, Breanne practically turns his life upside down. With some comic moments.

But can Breanne find Millar? Does she have the skills to pull it off? Who is following her? There are some very good comic moments in this story. But also some dramatic scenes towards the end, as all sides come together for a reckoning. Who is on who’s side?

I think this could take off as a good series with Breanne perhaps working with Pavek on future cases. With the humour added I could see this working. My only criticism is the book needs a little bit of polishing up, as a few spelling mistakes dotted around and a few bits of grammar not quite right. But overall this is an entertaining read and shows great promise to become a good series if that’s what the author is aiming for. It’s brave to take on a female black character as a male writer but it works.

I give this book 4⭐️ out of 5 with some polish this would have easily got 5⭐️.

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