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Naomi always wanted to be a mother. But three years ago, her husband left, taking their children with him.

Now, her daughter has come to stay, and Naomi knows it’s her one chance to re-build her family. But the night ends in a terrible accident. And Naomi tells a lie she can never take back: Naomi reports her daughter missing.

Within hours, her home is invaded. Journalists crowd the driveway. Police search the woods at the foot of the garden. Her ex husband paces the hall.

And Naomi can’t look away. Because the only thing worse than the lie she’s told is the truth: she has no memory of what happened that night…..


Where do I start with my review for this brilliantly written debut novel. Without giving anything away. It is an intense, compelling read that you simply can’t put down, I found myself reading through the night to finish this book. In the prologue we see Naomi and Aiden going home with their new baby daughter Freya. Naomi is absolutely besotted with her daughter and promises that nothing will ever happen to her. But then jump 4 years and the couple are no longer together and Aiden has custody of Freya. What could have happened to this happy family in this 4 years that led to Aiden having full care of Freya.

The story is set over a week, but also jumps back to 4 years earlier so the reader gets to know what happened over the years. Naomi has the care of her daughter for one night, this is the first night in 3 years that she has had her daughter unsupervised, she desperately wants to prove she is a good mother. Aiden is not happy about this but he is allowing it. But that night ends with a terrible accident, Naomi can’t remember anything. When she calls Aiden she lies, she then lies to the police, and everything spirals.

But why has Naomi told the lie? Because once it’s told she can’t take it back, it also leads to other actions and more lies. The police surround the farmhouse searching for the missing Freya, the press hound them all. Naomi is a mess. despite her lies, I really felt empathy for her, I understood why she had lied, not that it was right, but I got it. The police investigation seemed real. It seemed like Naomi thought they would come have a look around the farm and then leave, she hadn’t factored that they would search all over the farm, or that volunteers would be there to help, then the press as her and Aiden had to do a conference, asking whoever had Freya to bring her back, or if someone knew where she was to please come forward. The tension as the police were searching the woods, hampered by the snow, felt so real.

Most of the narrative is that of Naomi but how reliable is she really, we know she has already lied. so how much of what she is saying is true?

A story of the love a parent has for a child. I could totally relate and understand Naomi’s actions as a mother, her fear, her panic. She clearly loved her daughter, but so did Aiden. I was trying to work out where it was going to go, I could only see one way, but I was so very wrong, then I thought I had sussed it out and again I was wrong and it went in a direction that I never thought it would go. I found myself in tears for the last few chapters as the truth all came out. I just hadn’t expected the outcome.

Lia Middleton shows the mother’s love and anxiety in such a realistic way. When you first become a mum it can be overwhelming, because you are now responsible for this little person, the way Naomi was with Freya when she was first born was full of love, but also anxiety that her daughter was going to be taken away from her, that fear just grows and grows. She just wanted to be a good mother there never seemed to be any doubt that she loved her daughter. I loved how that came across, I think this is why I felt empathy for Naomi. This is an absolutely brilliant debut novel and I for one can’t wait to see what the writer comes up with next.

Thank you to @MichaelJBooks for my copy of this book, in order for me to take part in the blogtour. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


LIA MIDDLETON is a barrister who specialises in criminal law and offender management. She lives with her husband and two young children in Buckinghamshire. When They Find Her is her first novel

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