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Available from all reputable book sellers | Hardback 22/07/21 | ebook available now| audiobook

Thank you for my spot on this blogtour and for an ARC of the book, all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


Ellen and Alexa have survived hangovers, dodgy landlords and most of their twenties together.

But can they survive this?

One Saturday morning, a flooded kitchen leads best mates Ellen and Alexa into their attic.

But when Ben – Alexa’s date from the night before – walks in, the handle breaks, and all are trapped.

While Ellen nurses her hangover, she watches her best friend fall for this gorgeous stranger.

Only to come to the horrifying realisation that she knows him from somewhere.

Frantically searching her memories, Ellen wonders is Ben really who she thinks he is?

And more importantly, what on earth is she going to do about it … ?


Alexa, Ellen and Jack are three twenty-somethings who rent a house together. Alexa and Ellen have known each other for the last 10 years. Jack had only moved into the house seven months earlier. The house is rented from the not so nice Elias, he is not a good landlord, he lets himself into the house whenever he wants, and complains if they have left washing up in the bowl, or if they have cooked something that smells. He always has something to complain about, no matter what they do or don’t do.

After a Friday night out, Ellen wakes early with a hangover, she heads down to the kitchen for a glass of water but when she gets there, she finds that water is pouring from the bottom of the kitchen cupboard under the sink. In a panic she begins hunting for the stopcock to turn the water off, but it’s nowhere to be found. Then she remembers the fuse box for the electrics is in the loft, so wonders if the stopcock could be in the same place. But nothing.

She gets Jack to help, but he is a little useless, so she knocks on Alexa’s door, surprised to see Alexa is not alone. However, no time to find out the details she explains the problem. Alexa knows where the stopcock is but it won’t budge as she tries to turn it off. She rushes up to the loft to get Jack to come back down to see if he can turn it off. But when she enters the loft, Ben her date from the night before appears behind her. As they all stand there a gust of wind from the skylight blows the door shut. As Ben tried to open it the handle comes off in his hand and all four of them are stuck in the loft, with the kitchen filling with water, no mobile phones working, and no idea how they can get out.

The story is told from the points of view of Alexa, Ellen and Jack, the reader gradually learns more about each one of them, how Alexa and Ellen met, and have continued to live together moving from York to London. Ellen works in communications for a tampax company known as The Flowdown. Jack has moved from Manchester to London. He is a customer service rep for a vegetable delivery box start up company called Green Genie. Alexa is a civil servant.

As the four are stuck in the loft, there are some comic moments, which will make you chuckle. As they try and get attention from the loft window to anyone passing by in the street, which means shouting down. Several revelations come out in the conversations as it turns out that Ellen seems to know Alexa’s date Ben, from when she was younger and on MSN, boy does that bring back memories I think it was a little late for me to use I don’t remember really using MSN but I do remember my daughter and sons talking to friends on there. It becomes quite an interesting conversation as Ellen explains what she believed had happened, but Ben seems to remember it differently and denies even talking to Ellen. What Ellen, Alexa and Ben don’t realise is occasionally Jack when looking out the loft window gets a phone signal and Twitter. He randomly posts that they are stuck in the loft. But as the signal comes and goes, he puts the odd tweets up about what is going on. But this ends up leading to more drama and fun.

This is definitely a good enjoyable read, with some comic moments, I liked the characters each of them relatable, each having their own little quirks. Some of their actions as they were stuck in the loft and trying to find a way out were not always the brightest ideas but fun. It’s engaging and entertaining. If you are looking for something for a bit of escapism then this is just right. A perfect summer read. A good debut novel from Phoebe Luckhurst. If this sounds like your type of read give it a go.

I would like to thank #MichaelJBooks for an ARC of this book all views and opinions are my own.


Phoebe Luckhurst was born in London and brought up in Glasgow. She is the Features Editor of the Evening Standard and appears regularly on their podcast, The Leader. She has written for the Guardian, Sunday Times Style, ELLE, ES Magazine, Grazia, The Telegraph And Vogue. She has had the theme tune to The OC stuck in her head since 2003 and once almost spent her student loan on a micro-pig. She no longer shops online when drunk.

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