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There was no reason to assume anything out of the ordinary was going on.

Strange noises in the apartment. Impulsive behaviour. Intense dreams.

It wasn’t like everything went wrong all at once.

Shoplifting. Fighting. Blackouts.

There must be a reasonable explanation for all this.


Amanda and Ed seem happily married, they both have great jobs, they have a lovely home. It all starts one night with a tap tap tapping, they both search to see where the noise is coming from but are unable to find it then it stops. Later it’s only Amanda that can hear the tapping.

Then the dreams start, a woman with black hair and red lipstick. It’s not long before very strange things start happening to Amanda, time disappears where she remembers nothing. A lipstick ends up in her hand bag when her and Ed are out shopping, but Amanda has no idea how it got in her bag.

This is a creepy read that I found myself engrossed in, what is affecting Amanda, why does she keep seeing this strange woman. A stray dog she had seen every day on her way home from work used to greet her, she had had to calm him down by carrying treats, but now he ignores her like she is no longer visible, or he growls at her when she approaches.

If you get scared at stories then maybe not read it at night, the cover of the books itself is creepy without even opening it. Read this if you dare. Can you handle it? Or will you be jumping at noises in the night?

This is a fairly quick read with just 169 pages meaning it can be read in a day or of an evening. I would like to thank @Faberbooks for an ARC of this book all opinions and views are my own, not influenced in any way.


Sara Gran is the author of six critically acclaimed novels, including the Claire De Witt series. She also writes for film and TV, including ‘Southland’ and ‘Chance’, and has published in The New York Times, The New Orleans Times Picayune, and USA Today.

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