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Richard is a middle-aged gentleman who runs a B&B in the Loire Valley. Nothing ever happens to him and that’s the way he likes it.

One day, however, an older guest goes missing, leaving behind only a bloody handprint on the wallpaper. Another guest, the enigmatic Valerie, persuades a sceptical Richard to investigate the disappearance, revealing a world of mafia crime, nudist colonies and fowl play….

Death and Croissants is the first book in a new murder mystery series by leading stand-up comedian , Ian Moore. Set in France, it is inspired by Moore’s own B&B in the Loire Valley.


I absolutely loved this book, I mean whats not to love about a good cozy crime mystery, with great characters, some eccentric and quirky, set in the Loire Valley.

Richard Ainsworth is a middle aged man, he runs a B&B in France, where nothing ever happens, which is just how Richard likes it, or does he? Is he in a rut? His wife is living in a different part of France, despite still loving each other it seems they have drifted apart, or do they just want different things?

Richard loves old films and will occasionally quote from them, although most of the times the quotes go over everyone else’s heads. he has three hens named after famous actresses. Madame Tablier is the grumpy cleaner of the B&B, she is quite a character and i cant wait to see more of her. A guest Madame Valerie D’Orcay carries her small dog Passepartout in her handbag making an elegant entrance into the dining room on her first morning at the B&B. Dogs aren’t allowed in the B&B but Richard hardly has a chance to say anything about it as Valerie is quite a force to be reckoned with and before it can be properly discussed, Madame Tablier spots a bloddy handprint in the bedromm of an elderly guest who seems to have disappeared. Let the fun and games begin. Valerie encourages Richard to look into the missing man. Pushing Richard well out of his usual comfort zone.

This is an entertaining, fun, light read with a good mystery thrown in. It is well plotted, with some sparkling dialogue, secrets, double crossing, a mixture of suspicious characters, I found myself reading this through the night until I finished it.

This is a series i think will just get better and better as the reader gets to know the characters.

If you enjoy a cozy crime, with great characters then this is a book for you. Definitely worth a read.

I would like to thank Farrago publishers for an ARC of this book all views and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


Ian Moore is a leading stand-up comedian, known for his sharp, entertaining punditry. A TV/Radio regular, he stars in Dave’s satirical TV show Unspun, Channel 5’s topical comedy Big Mouths and Radio 4’s The Now Show. Ian lives in rural France with his family, where he seeks solace in the production of fine chutney. He is also the author of two memoirs on life in France, A la Mod: My so-called Tranquil Family Life in Rural France and C’est Modnifique:Adventures of an English Grump in Rural France, which were highlighted on Simon Mayo’s Books of the Year Podcast.

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Twitter: @MonsieurLeMoore


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