THE LAST SHIMMER By Sage Hyatt @BlackberryBookT #TheLastShimmer

Genre: Middle-grade horror

Purchase link:

Print length: 27 pages

Age range: From middle-grade to all ages

Thank you to Kristy Kloster for my spot on this book blogtour.

Sage Hyatt and The Last Shimmer available now.


Tiger Lily Dander and her friend, Stacy, wake one morning to a world in which everyone they care about is missing, except each other. Together the girls must determine why their loved ones have disappeared before their menacing shadows succeed in robbing them of their joy and making sure they, too, vanish forever.


A great, exciting short story from Sage Hyatt, aimed at middle grade children to all ages. A cleverly written read. Engages attention from start to finish. At 27 pages it’s a perfect evening read. With a feisty main character.

Whilst at school Tiger Lily gets into trouble when she stands up to a bully who wants her friend to do her homework for her. She is soon called to the Principal’s office. Where she is admonished for her behaviour. Both pupils have a detention. Tiger Lily also finds herself in trouble when she gets home.

But later Wonky Wednesday gets even worse when shadow Tiger X tries to take away Lily’s shimmer, she stands up to the shadow. Can her friend Stacy also help fight the shadows?

I thought this was an interesting premise as everyone around Tiger Lily loses their shimmer. Can Tiger Lily confront her shadow self and save not just herself but her friends and family from the darkness?. Or can the shadows win?. A story that will make children think, and a very engaging read. The type of thing I could imagine picking up to read when I was younger. I look forward to my grandsons being old enough to listen to this and reading it themselves.

Sage Hyatt is a name to be watching out for, short stories are not easy to write but in this Sage manages to bring the characters to life, they are totally believable , not always easy in such a short piece of work. I have read full novels where this hasn’t always been achieved. For a writer at such a young age I think she has a bright future in writing ahead of her if that’s what she wants.


Sage Hyatt loves to sing, make arts and crafts, and is connoisseur of desserts and cute cat memes. She is author of The Last Shimmer, and her story “Psychopathy Strawberry” was published in the June issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk. More of her tales can be found at Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories.

Media links (of her dad):

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