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You think you’ll stay the same – you won’t. Infidelity will change you forever. There can be no going back.

Kirsten Calloway knows she should be grateful. She has a stable marriage, decent job, and a wonderful teenage daughter. But she also has a raging libido that won’t shut up, and a husband who’d rather go on a bike ride.

She bumps into an old friend at a school reunion who faces a similar problem. Dianne, though, has found the answer: a discreet agency which arranges casual sex for people just like them, people who want to keep their marriages but also scratch that itch.

Enter Zac: younger, handsome and everything Kirsten could hope for in bed. For a while, they seem to have it all. Kirsten even finds herself becoming a better wife and mother. But Zac wants more – a lot more, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Sexually charged, shocking and relatable, Reckless is a profound exploration of marriage, motherhood and desire.


I enjoy a fast paced read, the start of this was at times a little slow for me initially, but as I read on things started to pick up. I found myself about half way through the book late evening but by then I couldn’t put it down, I had to know what had happened. So found myself finishing it at around 2 am.

Kirsten Calloway has been married for over twenty years, she has a nice home, a decent job, a teenage daughter who is at times quite stroppy and rude to her, but she is a teenager, most parents of teenagers know what that can be like! But the spice has gone out of the marriage, it’s been over a year since her and husband Mark have been intimate, not from lack of trying on Kirsten’s part.

The story opens with a report from the British Transport Police, these reports start some of the chapters throughout, different reports from different departments, the first one is that a body had been found at the side of a railway track, initial thoughts a suicide. But who is the mystery man? No ID, no phone, no wallet, nothing, who goes out nowadays with no form of ID? It’s only after the post-mortem is done that it’s confirmed the person has been murdered. An investigation begins.

Despite not being happy Kirsten loves Mark, or does she? She doesn’t want to leave him or end the marriage. But Mark is so wrapped up in so many other things, including porn which Kirsten finds. So why isn’t he interested in her?

Kirsten had wanted to be a dr but hadn’t got the grades she needed, her sister was a lawyer who had two young children and a failed marriage. Kirsten and Mark’s daughter, Jess, wants to train to be a Dr and is on course for getting the right results. Mark always seems to be sticking up for Jess and making Kirsten look bad. But Kirsten is the narrator how much of this is just how she perceives it, it’s not just Mark and Jess it seems as if it’s everyone, even people she works with at times seem unpleasant. How reliable is Kirsten’s point of view?

When Kirsten gets a call from her sister Helen reminding her she had agreed to go to their school reunion she is reluctant to go until a certain name is mentioned Khanda, she had had a thing for him once. The reunion doesn’t go quite as planned. It’s only as she is leaving she spots an old school friend, Dianne, with a man that isn’t her husband in a compromising position.

At a later meeting with Dianne they discuss marriage and the lack of intimacy, Kirsten learns that Dianne has found a solution, an agency where meetings can be arranged, no strings attached. But can Kirsten go through with it? Can she cheat on Mark?

Then comes Zac, which is exciting to start, but what about when he wants more? What about when he won’t take no for an answer? What happens then?

Kirsten is interviewed by the police over some cctv footage, she is seen talking to a man that matches the body of the dead man. They never gave real names so she has no idea who he is really. More footage shows him entering the hospital where Kirsten works but nothing showing him leaving.

I’m not really sure how I felt about most of the characters in the story, Mark came across as a very selfish, he had lots of interests, but didn’t seem to have a lot of interest in his wife. Jess is getting ready to leave home, to go to university, at times she is selfish. Then Kirsten who seemed lonely, she knows Jess will be leaving the nest soon, she certainly didn’t seem happy. She wants Mark to see her and felt he had stopped doing that.

The second half of the book the tension started to build, you wanted to know whose body was on the railway. Was it Zac? If it was who had killed him? Kirsten had secrets, she had met Zac but would she have killed him? Did the person at the dating agency kill him when he didn’t stop stalking Kirsten?

The problem with lies and deception they will catch up with you at one stage. I admit I really didn’t see that end coming. Overall this is a well written tightly plotted story. Definitely one to be watching out for. A book I would definitely recommend.


RJ McBrien attended York University, the Sorbonne and graduated from the Yale School of Drama. He writes for TV (Wallander, Spooks and Trust for ITV) and has sold scripts to major Hollywood studios, for whom he regularly works as a script doctor. Reckless is his first novel.

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