THE UNWELCOME GUEST By Amanda Robson @AvonBooksUK @amandarobsonauthor #TheUnwelcomeGuest #MonsterInLaw

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I would like to thank @AvonBooksUK for inviting me on to the blogtour. Thank you for my ARC all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Saffron vowed to love Miles no matter what life threw at them both. But when her mother-in-law moves into their happy family home, Saffron’s shiny life begins to tarnish.

Even as Caprice’s barbed comments turn to something more sinister, Saffron hopes the new nanny’s arrival will shield her from the worst of it. She’s starting to feel paranoid in her own home.

Little does she realise that Caprice longs for a new daughter-in-law – and she’ll do anything to make that happen…


I picked this book up around 5pm and didn’t stop until I finished it at around 1 in the morning. It certainly had my attention. The story is told through short chapters, each chapter is told from the point of view of the characters. Saffron is married to Miles they love each other,but the trust in each other is being tested to its limits. Caprice, Miles’s mum, does not like her daughter in law, she has never been good enough for her son and Caprice will do anything she can to split them up. Aiden is Miles’s brother and despite doing well for himself he has never managed to get the same attention from their mum as Miles does. The other character is Hannah the nanny, who helps to look after Miles and Saffron’s two boys Ben and Harry.

The story begins with narration from Saffron as she is sitting contemplating her marriage, Caprice is now living with them, she did have an annexe at the bottom of the garden but decided it wasn’t big enough, her husband Rupert had died of a heart attack 5 years earlier and she still missed him.

As each character does their narration there are different suspicions going on, most of them instigated by Caprice, how far will she actually go to break up her sons marriage? How far will Saffron go to stop Caprice from interfering with their marriage? Because Miles doesn’t believe Saffron when she tells him what his mother is doing.

To make matters worse Aiden has always been in love with Saffron, and the young nanny Hannah has feelings for Miles or does she? Is it just a crush? there is a 20 year age gap.

At times the lengths that Caprice will go to were annoying me, I think I would have left Miles, giving him an ultimatum his mum or me. Caprice is just so devious and clever. I never understand what it is with mothers of boys that makes them think someone isn’t good enough. I’ve been there.

But who will come out on top? Will Caprice manage to split Miles and Saffron up? Or will the marriage survive? Even when you think something is sorted is it?

This is an engaging read, I liked the way it was short chapters and that those chapters were told by each character and what they were thinking at that time. All of the characters were believable and relatable even though also annoying. I really wanted Miles to stand up to his mum. I liked the pace of the story throughout it stayed steady not too slow but not too fast either it just flowed well.

I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and will certainly be looking out for other books by Amanda Robson.

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