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Karly Winters has waited ten long years to have the man of her dreams, the handsome but duplicitous Jacob Cruthers. From her home in Glasgow she pines for the Londoner who casually keeps her dangling, never with a thought of giving her what she wants and never with any intention of leaving his wife.

For her part, Karly has no intentions of being second best any longer and she hatches an artful plan of devious intent that she is certain will work in her favour. Now, embarking on her dangerous game of high stakes, she is all too aware that someone is likely to get hurt. But for the winner, the prize will be incalculable.

But Karly hasn’t reckoned for new and equally underhanded forces that are at work. Lurking in the shadows are others, with their own agendas to follow and equally ruthless in their objectives. With various factions hurtling towards a confrontation that none of them saw coming, someone is going to pay the price of infatuation.

But who?


This is an absolutely brilliant debut novel by Paula Johnston. The story hooks you right from the start until the absolutely startling, twisty, suspenseful finish that completely blindsided me. WOW, a great Psychological thriller if you like this genre then grab yourself a copy of this. It will not disappoint.

The first part of the book is told from the points of view of Karly and Jacob. Then in part two we get to see Lauren’s point of view with a couple of bits from Jacob along with a couple of small bits from other characters met in the book.

Karly Winters lives in Scotland, she is in love with Jacob Cruthers who lives in London, Karly met Jacob on a website 10 years ago. But in those ten years they have never met once in real life. Jacob has even got married fairly recently to Lauren. But nothing seems to sway Karly’s feelings for Jacob, she truly believes they are meant to be together.

But now Karly is tired of waiting, it’s time that she finally got her man, finding out from social media that Lauren is going away on holiday to Tenerife with her friends for a week seems to be the perfect time for Karly to make her move. But what is she going to do?

What Karly doesn’t realise is that there are other things going on behind the scenes that may thwart all her plans to be with the man she loves. Will Karly ever get the man of her dreams? The man she has waited for for ten years, the man who never forgets her birthday, even if he hasn’t messaged for a few months he always then texts her and she replies straight away. Completely infatuated.

Never mind Catfish, I don’t understand how Karly has waited ten years why has she not twigged that it’s never going to happen? Every time they have planned to meet Jacob has come up with an excuse. When Lauren his wife is going away for a week Jacob is excited, he can do whatever he likes for a whole week. But if he flirts with Karly does he do the same with anyone else?

I have to say Jacob is a weak person, I took an instant dislike of him, did he really love his wife? If he did why did he still message Karly? It seems so cruel. But then Karly isn’t much better, but it’s a little easier to understand with her as she truly believes that he will leave Lauren and they will live happily ever after. But when she takes matters into her own hands things don’t go quite as she planned. Lauren is a lot brighter than she is initially given credit for, but she is in love with Jacob as well and is determined to keep her man. The characters are at times likeable and you really want things to turn out for them but then the next minute they are showing a totally different side that you actually don’t like them at all.

This is fast paced, well plotted suspenseful read, with plenty of twists and turns that at times just came from nowhere but were so good, the pages were turning fast, deceit, infatuation and secrets that keep the reader engaged throughout. A definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read. If this is a debut I cannot wait to see what Paula Johnston writes next.


Paula Johnston is an indie writer in her early thirties from Scotland who managed to pen half her debut novel at her desk. Not only did Paula write the book, she also designed the cover, which has received great praise from both authors and readers. She now puts her creative skills to use by creating brand content for small businesses. Having always worked around people, Paula Johnston has a fierce and keen ability to not only read those stood before her but cut to the core of their true intentions. She now studies Psychology part-time from her home outside of Glasgow that she shares with her partner and furry friends. Her fascination with the human psyche crosses over into her debut novel, The Lies She Told, and has proven to be the start of something big for Paula, as she finds herself climbing up the Amazon Top 50 list without a large publishing house behind her.

Following a fantastic write up in The Herald News[aper, Paula intends to write and publish more psychological fiction titles and perhaps move across to a different genre when the time feels right. Until then, readers wait patiently for more from Paula – including the worldwide release of the audio book version of The Lies She Told.

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