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When the body of a young man washes ashore in Stockholm’s southern archipelago, Manfred Olson is called in to investigate. But with his daughter, Nadia, in a coma, it is with some reluctance that he leaves his wife alone by their child’s bedside.

Elsewhere, eighteen-year-old Samuel lives with his hard-working single mother, Pernilla. His charm has always been able to get him out of trouble, but when he finds himself in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong, he is forced to make a run for it.

With nowhere to go, and with both a drug lord’s gang and the police at his heels, Samuel seeks refuge in a sleepy town in the Stockholm archipelago, where he takes a job as a live-in assistant to the son of a wealthy family. But it isn’t long after Samuel moves in with the beautiful Rachel and her son, Jonas, that he realises nothing is quite as it seems… and Manfred is on the hunt for a killer.


Samuel is eighteen years old, at times he seems a little lazy, he was just drifting, raised by his hard working single mum Pernilla who strives to please everyone. Having been a single mum she felt she had let her father down, she had been raised by a strict religious father, although he had helped her with Samuel, but Pernilla has tried hard to make up for the shame she feels she brought on the family. She never told Samuel who his father was. Now Samuel finds himself mixing with the wrong crowd, when he is caught in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong he realises he has to hide. But with no money, no change of clothing, nothing, he realises he has to find some sort of job and quick. That’s when he sees an advert looking for a carer, a live in job, the pay isn’t great but he realises he needs to do something even if it’s just temporary. He moves in with Rachel, his job is to look after her severely disabled son Jonas. But it’s not long before he starts to realise everything may not be quite as it seems.

In the meantime Pernilla is feeling guilty for having thrown Samuel out and starts to worry when she doesn’t hear from him. Should she report him missing? Is he in danger? Her father has told her not to contact him. The pastor at her church has told her not to contact him. But he is her son and they have always been in touch.

The story is told from the points of view of Manfred, Samuel and Pernilla. When a body turns up on rocks near the sea Manfred is called in to look into the death, it’s not an easy time for Manfred as his young daughter is lying in a coma. But he needs his work. What has happened to this young man almost every bone in his body is broken. The team are puzzled as to what could have done that, it’s not long before another body turns up with similar injuries. The team has their work cut out working out who these young men are and how they died and how they ended up washed up on the shore.

If you enjoy a character based read then this book is for you, I loved the structure of the book, the chapters are quite short told through three of the main characters. I found it to be quite a quick read even at just under 500 pages. The tension is there from start to finish but not just to do with the crimes but also to do with other elements of the characters lives. There are plenty of twists and turns and a few red herrings to keep you guessing throughout.

I enjoy these translated Swedish novels, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. A strong set of characters, a team of detectives you could picture, from whatever they were wearing to each emotion some of them went through. They are likeable and relatable I really hope that the author is going to write more with this team in it.

The story kept my interest from start to finish, the descriptions of the areas the story takes part in you could almost picture. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this author. A ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read


Camilla Grebe was born near Stockholm. She co-founded audiobook publisher Storyside. She has written four celebrated crime novels with her sister, Asa Traff, about psychologist Siri Bergman, the first two of which were nominated for Swedish Crime Novel of the Year by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy. Camilla has also written the popular Moscow Noir trilogy with Paul Leander-Engstrom. The Ice Beneath Her was Camilla’s debut novel as a solo author and announced her as a fresh new voice in suspense writing. After She’s Gone was published in Sweden in 2017 and won the Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year award.

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