DETECTIVE DACHSHUND AND THE FLUFFY THIEF By Decima Blake @PegasusPublish @decimablake #DetectiveDachshundAndThe FluffyThief #BookReview

Available from 28th April 2022 /
  • ISBN: 9781838751616
  • GENRE: Children’s/ Teenage fiction & true stories ‘ Animal stories (Children’s / Teenage)
  • Twitter: @PegasusPublish
  • Facebook: Pegasus Publishers


Detective Dachshund of Battersea Police wears a smart blue hat and a matching fleece.

He has boundless energy for fighting crime, but his detective skills, sadly, are far from sublime.

Now, Detective Dachshund one night was told, to catch a fluffy thief who was sneaky and bold.

The thief went by the name of Clawdius Cat… and should our detective trust Reece the Rat?

Wanted posters showed the cat’s cheeky face, blowing raspberries from lamp posts all over the place!

Officers had already scoured the city… how could Detective Dachshund find this bad kitty?


I know I am out of the target audience but I sat reading this chuckling away. The drawings by the author are very cute all the animals have very sparkly eyes. I enjoyed how this was written.

A perfect book for young children to look at the pictures as well as a lovely story. Can Detective Dachshund catch Clawdius cat? Or is he after the wrong villain? Can Reece the Rat be believed? After all he seems to want to be paid for any information.

Miss fox seems to be more reliable, even willing to testify in court. Is there more to Clawdius cat than Detective Dachshund is aware.

What about the vet and pet shop owner they seem a dodgy pair!

If you are looking for a lovely book to inspire your children to read, and to introduce them to writing in rhyme then this is a delightful book. I think children from a wide age group will enjoy it. They will love the animals which have been lovingly drawn. I love the different sparkly eyes. A perfect read for little ones as they develop their reading skills.

I would like to thank Decima Blake for sending me a copy of this book, all opinions and thoughts are my own as well as my grandsons, who at 4 loves his books.


Decima Blake created DetectiveDachshund of Battersea Police to entertain audiences of all ages with humour our stories and to inspire young readers to explore the fun of writing in rhyme.

In recognition of Detective Dachshund’s home turf and all the fantastic work undertaken to care for animals in need, a percentage of royalties will be donated to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

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