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You think she wants to help.
You’re wrong.

Lily Appleby will do anything to protect the people she loves. She’s made ruthless choices to make sure their secrets stay buried, and she’s not going to stop now.

When her party-animal daughter, Rachel, spins out of control, Lily hires a renowned therapist and healer to help her. Amber is the skilled and intuitive confidante that Rachel desperately needs. But as Rachel falls increasingly under Amber’s spell, she begins to turn against her parents, and Lily grows suspicious.

Does Amber really have Rachel’s best interests at heart or is there something darker going on? Only one thing is clear: Rachel is being lied to. Never quite knowing who to believe, her search for the truth will reveal her picture-perfect family as anything but flawless.


A psychological thriller told from the viewpoint of three women but can we trust any of them? Lily Applebee is mother to Rachel, Sophia and Josh. Rachel Applebee knows things about her father, but her mother always denied anything, now Rachel drinks, has drugs occasionally and is a mess until she meets Amber a therapist her mum links her up with. Amber Grenville is that therapist, she seems to care about the people in Rachel’s situation. She listens to Rachel, she guides her, she even has her on a Christmas retreat, but how true is Amber? Who can Rachel trust?

Lily is a woman determined to keep her family together no matter what has gone on before. But in doing this she has pushed Rachel away by not believing her, Rachel doesn’t understand her mum it seems for years Lily has told the other children and Nick the father that Rachel is struggling with anorexia or alcoholism or drugs. To an extent she is right but is she also in part to blame. Lily is very manipulative if she can’t find out from Rachel she will get Sophie to do her digging.

Amber Grenville is supposed to be a therapist, but does she know more about Rachel than Rachel knows? Something is not right.

This is a very character driven read, but this is the most dysfunctional family you could ever imagine, it’s toxic, with many secrets. To an extent most of the characters are manipulative in one way or another. Lily wants to keep her family together, but her husband Nick is not a loving father or husband it makes you wonder why she wants to stay with him. The son Josh is quite condescending and again not the nicest of characters. The character that seems to be the most likeable is Sophie, Rachel loves her baby sister Sophie, and Sophie loves Rachel, but Sophie gets caught up in the firing line with her mum and sister.

I literally didn’t like any of the characters, gradually as the plot unfolds you learn what sent Rachel off the rails, you begin to understand why she is the way she is, maybe a little sympathy for her but not a lot I’m afraid.

This is a story where you cannot trust anyone, you question everything. I couldn’t see where the storyline was going to go. I was worried by some of Ambers techniques and practices which seemed very unprofessional. Maybe slightly off the wall.

There were a few plot twists I didn’t see coming, there was one I thought was going to come round but it didn’t. So my detective work was wrong there. Overall an interesting Psychological thriller. If you don’t mind not liking the characters then this is one to dive into.


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