BURNING BRIDGES By Matthew Ross @Burning_Chair @mattwross #BurningBridges #BookReview

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The Isle of Sheppey. The discovery of a wounded, unconscious man left for dead sets in motion a series of events where mistakes once thought buried in the past are forced to the surface. With lethal results.

Persuaded to take one last job, ex-criminal Brendan Quinn is betrayed and left for dead.

Now Quinn is on a mission for revenge, finding himself at the centre of a conspiracy stretching back into a past he’d tried to forget.

Forced to be a fugitive from an all-powerful crime family, running from men who he once worked alongside, Quinn must draw on all his skills and resources to not only stay alive, but also unravel the mystery of why he was gunned down by his own team, and what the connection is to his own brother’s death, years before.


Having read and enjoyed Matthew Ross’s first two books in the Mark Poynter series, I was delighted when Matthew offered me a gifted copy of his latest book. This review is all my own words, and thoughts not influenced in any way.

This is a stand-alone gritty thriller. Set on the Isle of Sheppey. The opening chapter begins two and a half years earlier with a bang, a car accident where two people died, the man in a separate vehicle had jumped out and ran to try and rescue the two passengers but they were already gone, he screamed.

In the present a man is found left for dead. This turns out to be Quinn. He had previously worked for crime family, Tony Kent, is the man in charge. Quinn is asked to do one last job, it’s not something he wants to do but against his better judgement he does it. But then as the job is done Quinn is shot and believed to be dead. Why? Who shot him? Tony Kent believes that Quinn is dead and if he kept his head down no one would be any the wiser. Quinn is rescued by an ex con known as McLaren, who sees his life.

But Quinn isn’t going to play dead for long, he has his niece Zoe to think of, and he is determined to get revenge. But as the story develops Quinn finds out things he didn’t know, which makes him even more determined to get revenge.

I really enjoyed this, Quinn is a big guy, but I was really rooting for him all the way through, I like how the trust with McLaren grows as well, two great characters. The story goes back and forth in time which explains more about the initial opening of the car crash, who was it in the car? Then there is another man known as The Hunter looking for whoever was in charge of the job Quinn had been persuaded to help with. Who is the Hunter?

If you like a well paced gritty crime family thriller then this is definitely a book you will enjoy, it’s well plotted, the characters are all believable and three dimensional. The action is full on. With a few twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.

For me this is definitely a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read, full of 💥💥💥💥💥 if this is the type of read you enjoy then grab yourself a copy you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to whatever Matthew Ross comes up with next.


Matthew Ross was born and raised in the Medway Towns, England. He still lives in Kent with his Kiwi wife, his children and a very old cat.

He was immersed in the building industry from a very early age helping out on his father’s sites during school holidays before launching into his own career at 17. He’s worked on projects ranging from the smallest domestic repair to £billion+ infrastructure, and probably everything in between.

A lifelong comedy nerd, he ticked off a bucket-list ambition and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. Whilst being an experience probably best forgotten (for both him and audiences alike) it ignited a love for writing, leading to various commissions including for material broadcast on BBC Radio 4 comedy shows. 

Matthew moved into the longer format of novel writing after graduating from the Faber Academy in London in 2017. 

‘Death Of A Painter’ was his first novel followed by ‘Red Admiral’s Secret’ and the first in a planned series of stories featuring Mark Poynter and his associates.

Matthew enjoys reading all manner of books – especially crime and mystery; 80s music; and travelling and can’t wait for the next trip to New Zealand to spend time with family and friends.

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