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The waves are to die for. It’s a paradise they’d kill to keep.

There’s a darkness inside all of us and The Bay has a way of bringing it out. Everyone here has their secrets but we don’t go looking for them. Because sometimes it’s better not to know.

Kenna arrives in Sydney to surprise her best friend, shocked to hear she’s going to marry a guy she’s only just met. But Mikki and her fiancé Jack are about to head away on a trip, so Kenna finds herself tagging along for the ride.

Sorrow Bay is beautiful, wild and dangerous. A remote surfing spot with waves to die for, cut off from the rest of the world. Here Kenna meets the mysterious group of people who will do anything to keep their paradise a secret. Sky, Ryan, Clemente and Victor have come to ride the waves and disappear from life. How will they feel about Kenna turning up unannounced?

As Kenna gets drawn into their world, she sees the extremes they are prepared to go to for the next thrill. And everyone seems to be hiding something. What has her best friend got involved in and how can she get her away? But one thing is rapidly becoming clear about The Bay: nobody ever leaves.


Having read this authors first book Shiver. I was looking forward to this one set mainly in Australia and surfing. This is a heart pounding, adrenalin fuelled ride. Most of the story is told from Kenna’s (short for McKenna) point of view with a chapter thrown in by the other characters and a couple thrown in by Mikki.

Kenna and Mikki had been friends from a young age, living in Cornwall they had got into surfing. Kenna was always the stronger of the two always pushing herself to the next level. Until one day she lost someone she loved surfing. She then moved away from Cornwall and Mikki and started fresh in London becoming a sport therapist, But Mikki continued surfing she’s now in Australia. Mikki has told Kenna she is getting married, but for Kenna this is wrong Mikki has led Kenna to believe her partner is abusive, so Kenna decides to fly to Australia to stop the marriage and bring her friend back home to the UK.

When Kenna arrives in Australia she arrives just in time as Mikki and her fiancé Jack are on there way to a beach to go surfing. Jack invites Kenna to join them and she jumps at the chance, this will be her opportunity to persuade her friend to return home with her. The beach known as Sorrow Beach is one that Mikki, Jack, Sky, Victor, Clemente and Ryan are very territorial of they want no one else to come to what they see as their own private territory. When Kenna arrives with Jack and Mikki the tribe are not happy they have brought Kenna along. But Kenna senses a weird atmosphere. Gradually things start to come out, but what secrets do all these people hold, because there is definitely something not quite right.

Kenna is at times like a dog with a bone, she doesn’t give up asking questions, especially when she feels the atmosphere is creepy. She knows that something has happened but no one is talking. Each of these characters have secrets, they are all here for different reasons. Kenna soon finds herself drawn back into surfing and taking risks. All she wants to do is persuade Mikki to come back home to the UK. But Mikki has changed, she is much stronger than she ever used to be.

One member of the tribe is much more harmful than the others but which one? Kenna doesn’t know who she can trust except for Mikki. What happened to missing backpackers? This group of people appear to be tight knit but are they really? Kenna seems stuck, no phone signal, no car, some of the tests Sky puts them through seem to go too far for Kenna. Then someone tries to drown her, but who?

This is one thrilling, atmospheric, captivating, riveting read, that will have you trying to guess who is behind everything. Who can be trusted and who can’t. Then just as it’s safe to get out of the water another shocking revelation comes that I never saw coming. If you like a good Psychological thriller then treat yourself to this one, you won’t be disappointed.


Allie Reynolds’ debut thriller SHIVER is about a small group of former snowboarder friends at an isolated mountaintop reunion, high in the French Alps. SHIVER has sold in 24 territories to date and will be translated into 23 languages. The TV option has sold to Firebird Pictures.

Her second thriller THE BAY (UK, ANZ) / THE SWELL (USA) is set on a remote Australian beach and will be published in June 2022. 

Born and raised in Lincoln, England, Allie moved to Gold Coast, Australia in 2004. She lives near the beach with her two young boys.

Many years ago she competed at snowboard halfpipe. She spent five winters in the mountains of France, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. These days she sticks to surfing – water doesn’t hurt as much as ice when you fall on it. 

Her first ever job was a Saturday job in a bookstore, at age 14. She taught English for many years and became a full-time writer in 2018

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