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I would like to thank Tracey Fenton of for my spot on this blogtour, all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


How far would you go to save a perfect stranger? 

Maggie is trapped. Dumped on her wedding day, rejected by her family and hounded by a man determined to make her suffer. 

Charlotte is desperate. Double-crossed by her only friend and facing total ruin, she will go to any lengths to save what matters.

Two women, one night. A decision that will change everything.


As the story opens Charlotte Wilderwood is driving what was her late mums Tesla like someone possessed. She is still trying to deal with the death of her parents. Her best friend Anne had just accused her of fiddling the books on the family antique’s business. Charlotte had inherited the business after her parents had died in a car accident. So for Anne to be accusing her of such a thing and asking her to leave, was the final straw. She had no idea what Anne was referring to, but the business was hers, she had inherited it not Anne. She had always wanted to work with her father, she had idolised him.

As she is driving despite the poor visibility she still spots a woman standing on a bridge she is approaching, the woman is clinging on to the steel girders wearing a wedding dress, drenched from the pouring rain, and barely hanging on. Charlotte abruptly stops her car and jumps out. Without any thoughts about her own safety she climbs onto the bridge extending her hand to coax the woman down. The woman grabs her hand just in time. This is the beginning of a new friendship with Maggie, who tells Charlotte of the events of that day, she was going to marry a man called Mike, but halfway through the ceremony a man known as David, who she claimed had been stalking her, had stopped the ceremony, he claimed that Maggie loved him and he had proof. The groom along with her mother had all abandoned Maggie, which is why she ended up on the bridge.

These beginning scenes draw you in, gripping you, Charlotte saving Maggie, taking her to her home, becoming a friend. But this is just the start, the author doesn’t give you time to breath before the next twist hits, which leads to Charlotte making some tough choices. Gradually as you get to know Charlotte and Maggie you begin to wonder how this is going to work. These two women have only known each other for a short time when a few things change dramatically.

The story is told from the points of view of Charlotte, Maggie and going back in time to Pamela, Charlotte’s mum. But how reliable are any of them as narrators. Most of the timeline is now, but occasionally goes back a few years in order to explain some things.

How one chance meeting, one act of kindness can lead to so much drama. I really felt for Charlotte, being an only child she had desperately wanted a sibling, I think this is what she saw in Maggie no matter how brief, she felt like a younger sister. All of the characters are believable, three dimensional and relatable. There were times I felt for Maggie, she hadn’t had an easy life, she really liked Charlotte, but she was trapped in her own situation, maybe if they had met years earlier things could have been different. I had no idea which way this story would go, and was completely shocked and thrown by the ending.

If you enjoy a good psychological thriller then this is one I would recommend it will definitely keep you on your toes, with twist after twist. There is no let up, just as one plot twist ends another one is thrown in, each time you start to relax something else comes from out of the blue. A book ideally read in one sitting. I look forward to what Holly Seddon writes next.

Thank you for my ARC of this book, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced.


Holly Seddon is the international bestselling author of TRY NOT TO BREATHE, DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES, LOVE WILL TEAR US APART and THE HIT LIST. 

THE WOMAN ON THE BRIDGE will be published in March 2022 in ebook and audiobook. The paperback edition will be published in July 2022. 

After growing up in the English countryside obsessed with music and books, Holly worked in London as a journalist and editor. She now lives in Kent with her family and writes full time. 

Alongside fellow author Gillian McAllister, Holly co-hosts the popular Honest Authors Podcast. You can find her on Twitter @hollyseddon, Instagram and Facebook @hollyseddonauthor

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