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I would like to thank Sophie Ransom of RansomPR for my spot on this blog tour. This is one great read.


Rachel Savernake investigates a bizarre locked-room puzzle in this delicious Gothic mystery from the winner of the CWA Diamond Dagger.

1930. Nell Fagan is a journalist on the trail of a intriguing and bizarre mystery: in 1606, a man vanished from a locked gatehouse in a remote Yorkshire village, and 300 years later, it happened again. Nell confides in the best sleuth she knows, judge’s daughter Rachel Savernake. Thank goodness she did, because barely a week later Nell disappears, and Rachel is left to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

Looking for answers, Rachel travels to lonely Blackstone Fell in Yorkshire, with its eerie moor and sinister tower. With help from her friend Jacob Flint – who’s determined to expose a fraudulent clairvoyant – Rachel will risk her life to bring an end to the disappearances and bring the truth to light.

A dazzling mystery peopled by clerics and medics; journalists and judges, Blackstone Fell explores the shadowy borderlands between spiritual and scientific; between sanity and madness; and between virtue and deadly sin.


If you like a locked room mystery then look no further. This is book 3 in the Rachel Savernake series I had hoped to read the first two books before this one but I didn’t have the time. However, this is easy enough to read as a stand-alone there are maybe a couple of things about the characters that you may not know but overall it didn’t really matter. This is a very entertaining gothic read, more than one person has disappeared over the years from a locked gatehouse in a very remote village in Yorkshire. The locals don’t seem that welcoming to strangers. Nell Fagan had asked Reporter Jacob Flint to arrange for her to meet with Rachel Savernake before she left for Yorkshire, it seems on a previous meeting they hadn’t got on. Rachel didn’t like that Nell told lies. But she had agreed to the meeting, Nell had told of her plans to investigate the missing people at Blackstone Fell but Rachel knew she was still holding something back. Nell had gone to Blackstone Fell and before a week had passed she had disappeared. Where could she have gone? Who would want to hurt her? Had she found something she shouldnt have?.

Rachel decides to go to Blackstone Fell herself, in the meantime newspaper reporter and friend to Rachel, Jacob Flint was trying to expose Ottolie Curle a supposed clairvoyant as a fraud.. But later these two story lines overlap.

This story is filled with odd characters, leaving you unsure who you can trust and who you can’t. From the local vicar who seems abusive to his wife, the dr, and many other wonderful characters that are drawn out. All of the characters are believable you could almost picture them. But are any of them murderer’s. What really goes on at the local Sanatorium? The whole atmosphere is creepy and sinister. There are a great deal of characters to keep up with. But once you are completely engrossed they all make sense.

I really need to read books one and two in this series and get to know the characters from the start as they are all so good, each one has their place working for Rachel Savernake. Who is a very strong character and doesn’t suffer fools lightly, and can tell a lie a mile off. If you haven’t read any of these and you enjoy a gothic read then grab a copy or better still start with book one and read through to book 3 you will definitely not be disappointed.

I enjoyed every minute of reading this, it took me a little longer than usual due to health issues, and concentration, but it is a fantastic read and I will certainly be reading more of this authors work starting with books one and two of this series which I have already purchased.

This is what I would call a perfect read for a chilly evening around Halloween with the curtains closed, a roaring fire. If you have one, curled up on a chair or sofa and just enjoy.

This is an absolute ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️star read by a writer that could quickly come one of my go to authors if this series is anything to go by. If you are looking for a new series you need look no further. Superb, engrossing, chilling read where you don’t know who will turn up dead next. Or how they got out of the locked room. With terrific characters, action and murders. Along with very detailed plotting. An absolute must read without a doubt.


Martin Edwards has won the Edgar, Agatha, H.R.F. Keating, Macavity, Poirot and Dagger awards as well as being shortlisted for the Theakston’s Prize. He is President of the Detection Club, a former Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association and consultant to the British Library’s bestselling crime classics series.

In 2020 he was awarded the Diamond Dagger for his outstanding contribution to crime fiction. Follow Martin on Twitter and Instagram (@medwardsbooks) and Facebook (@MartinEdwardsBooks).

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