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An old friend in need, a dangerous conspiracy – a new case for Sid Halley…

Sid Halley, former British jump racing champion and private detective, is not having a good time. His wife Marina has decided she needs some time out of their marriage to think about the future and Sid is devastated. But then Gary Bremner, an ex-jockey trainer, calls him to ask for his help – he is being threatened by someone in the racing world and he needs a friend he can trust. However, the very next morning, Gary’s stable yard is torched, horses killed, and Gary has disappeared.

Determined to uncover the truth and to help his friend, Sid starts to investigate. He soon finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that cuts to the very heart of the integrity of British horse racing, and then danger comes closer to home than ever.

Can Sid get to the bottom of what’s going on before he too becomes a victim, while, at the same time, saving his marriage?


Former British jump racing champion and ex private eye Sid Halley is back. Things don’t seem to be going great for him, when his wife Marina tell’s him she is leaving him, her father is dying so she is going over to be with her mum and to spend some time with her dad before he passes away, taking their nine year old daughter Saskia with her. Sid hadn’t even realised there was a problem with their marriage. It seems that Sam’s hand transplant is part of the problem. Or is there another person involved?. Sid is devastated and will do whatever it takes to win his wife back.

An ex jockey friend Gary Bremner contacts Sid and begs him to drive to his stables as he feels his life is in danger, but Sid tells him he can’t that if he needs him he should drive to him. But the following morning on the news Bremner’s stables have been burnt down and Gary is missing.

It’s not long before Sid finds himself looking into a conspiracy that is trying to rig races. I have read other books by Felix Francis but this is the first time I have met Sid Halley, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was one of those books I couldn’t put down which was just what I needed. The pace is fast which for me I know is always a winner, the characters are well drawn, they are believable, three dimensional, I like the camaraderie between Sid’s ex Father in law Charles and Sis, and also his relationship with his friend Chico who is there for him when he needs help. Sid was missing his wife and daughter, but he also felt duty bound to sort out who was doing what to rig races. Who was behind it all? He managed to get one name but it was someone he hadn’t heard of, anyone who was involved was reluctant to talk through fear of what would happen.

This was an engaging read, full of suspense, fast paced, gripping, looking at the underbelly of the racing world, but how are these masterminds controlling things without being caught? perfect for curling up on a chilly autumn evening and reading it will definitely keep you guessing and completely engrossed from start to finish. I may have to find some of the earlier books with Sid in. How will Sid and Marina’s marriage fair? Can they make a go of it or is it over for good?

For me this is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read, if you like your crimes fast paced then grab a copy of this. It’s an easy book to read as a stand-alone.


The New York Times, The London Sunday Times and International bestseller, acclaimed author, Felix Francis, was born in Oxford, England, son of the famous mystery author, Dick Francis and his wife, Mary Francis. Felix graduated from London University. His initial career led him into physics, where he was a successful teacher of A Level Physics. But he could not deny that his family’s gift of writing had been passed along to him, and he started his second career–as an author–where he found his knowledge of physics was a great advantage. His many other accomplishments include being an expert outdoorsman, marksman and pilot. Felix Francis resides in England with his wife, Debbie, their family and two Irish Setters and a Cavapoo. —

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