COVER REVEAL: ALWAYS THE DEAD By Stephen J.Golds @RedDogTweets #AlwaysTheDead

Check out the Cover Reveal for the new book by Stephen J.Gold and from the synopsis how good does this one sound, having read some of Stephen’s previous work I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this one my pre order will be going in. SYNOPSIS Los Angeles, California. 1949.  Scott … More COVER REVEAL: ALWAYS THE DEAD By Stephen J.Golds @RedDogTweets #AlwaysTheDead

COVER REVEAL FOR: THE CASE OF THE MISSING FIREFLY (Stonebridge Mystery 4) by Chris McDonald @cmacwritescrime @RedDogTweets #TheCaseoftheMissingFirefly #CoverReveal

It’s my pleasure to reveal the cover for the next instalment of The Stonebridge Mysteries by Chris McDonald. I think this is my favourite cover in the series so far. SYNOPSIS The notoriously hard-drinking, backstabbing Stonebridge Radio crew are having their Hallowe’en party on Winkle Island, rumoured to be the most haunted place in Northern … More COVER REVEAL FOR: THE CASE OF THE MISSING FIREFLY (Stonebridge Mystery 4) by Chris McDonald @cmacwritescrime @RedDogTweets #TheCaseoftheMissingFirefly #CoverReveal

THE KILLER IN THE SNOW By Alex Pine @AvonBooksUK #COVERREVEAL #TheKillerinTheSnow

SYNOPSIS The first fall of snow can be fatal…   A year has passed since DI James Walker cracked his biggest case yet, and he’s hoping for peace and quiet this festive season.   But across the fells, a local farmer returns home on Christmas Eve to find footsteps in the fresh snow that lead … More THE KILLER IN THE SNOW By Alex Pine @AvonBooksUK #COVERREVEAL #TheKillerinTheSnow

COVER REVEAL: BLACKSTOKE By Rob Parker @robparkerauthor @RedDogTweets #coverreveal #Blackstoke

SYNOPSIS WEALTH. SECURITY. PROSPERITY. NONE OF IT MATTERS IN THE DARK.  In a quiet cul-de-sac on the newly-opened, much sought-after Blackstoke housing development, the first handful of families are moving in. These neighbours, thrown together for the first time, are looking forward to settling into their bright new lives—with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The estate couldn’t be … More COVER REVEAL: BLACKSTOKE By Rob Parker @robparkerauthor @RedDogTweets #coverreveal #Blackstoke

Book Blitz – MERCY By Stephen Bentley @StephenBentley8 @Shalini_G26 #Bookblogger

As much as he tried to hide it, Deal felt nervous as he knocked on the door of Internal Affairs.
The voice resonated in his head. “Enter.”
It was the tone, the command, the authority in the voice that reminded him why he was nervous. One false word, one false move and I’m fired, he thought.
Reading the open file, Emily Breen looked up through heavy-rimmed glasses before speaking again. “We meet again, Detective Deal. Sit.”
Breen pointed to a regular-looking seat on the opposite side of the desk from her high-backed executive chair. She continued reading. Deal sat watching her in silence.
Peering over her glasses, Breen said, “Remind me. When was the first time we met?”
“I think you know. It’s all there in my file. Larry Etchwell, Coroner’s Court. I was still with the Human Trafficking Department.”
Breen was silent. She appeared to be deep in thought.
Her next words broke the silence. “The psych evaluation is all good. Says you are fit to remain on active duty.”
“Good. I knew that but it’s good to hear the experts say it too.” Deal emphasised experts. The sarcasm wasn’t missed by Breen.
“Deal. You know the score. Why do you make things difficult for yourself?”
Deal ignored caution. “I always do things the hard way. Haven’t you heard?”
Breen ignored him. “What is this thing with the stutter?”
“How do you mean?”
“You’ve seen the report. What you told the shrink.”
“Remind me. What did I say?”
“If you were a rattlesnake, the stutter would be your rattle.”
Deal smiled at the thought of that meeting with the shrink. “Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s a fact.”
“But why? Why a stutter?”
“I don’t fucking know why. Why does a rattlesnake have a rattle?”
“There you go again, Detective Deal.”
“Not helping yourself.”
“Are we done?”
“No. We are not. I have to tell you, one more loss of control. One more death, self-defence or not, you are finished. Do you hear me?”
“I hear you.”
“Good. Is there anything else you wish to say?”
“Can I ask a question?”
“You may.”
“Why does a bird fly?”
“What do you mean?”
“Asking me why I stutter if threatened is like asking a bird why it flies. Why an elephant has big ears. It’s just so. And one other thing – ask these guys what they were going to do to me.”
“I can’t. You killed them.”
“Too right. Before they killed me.”

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