THE STRANGERS WE KNOW By Pip Drysdale #Simon&Schuster #PipDrysdale @sarahHarwood #bookblogger #TheStrangersWeKnow

SYNOPSIS Imagine seeing your husband on a dating app. Now imagine that’s the best thing that happens to you all week…. When Charlie sees a man who is the spitting image of her husband , Oliver, on a dating app, her heart stops. Her first desperate instinct is to tell herself she must be mistaken … More THE STRANGERS WE KNOW By Pip Drysdale #Simon&Schuster #PipDrysdale @sarahHarwood #bookblogger #TheStrangersWeKnow


SYNOPSIS The newly married and most beautiful of the Mitford sisters, Diana, hot-steps around Europe with her husband and fortune heir Bryan Guinness, accompanied by maid Louisa Cannon, as well as some of the most famous and glamorous luminaries of the era. But murder soon follows, and with it, a darkness grows in Diana’s heart…. … More THE MITFORD SCANDAL