SEE THEM RUN By Marion Todd

SYNOPSIS In a famous Scottish town, someone is bent on murder-but why? On the night of a wedding celebration, one guest meets a grisly end when he’s killed in a hit-and-run. A card bearing the number’5’ has been placed on the victims chest. DI Clare Mackay, who recently moved from Glasgow to join the St … More SEE THEM RUN By Marion Todd

Book Tour – ‘Death Among Us’ @StephenBentley8 @Shalini_G26 #BlogTour #BookReview #Murder/Mystery

Thank you to @StephenBentley8 @Shalini_G26 for my spot on this Blog Tour. SYNOPSIS Who knew death could be so eclectic? Relish this mesmerising murder mystery mash-up of short stories. Murder and mystery have been the staple of literature and films for years. This anthology of short stories will thrill and entertain you. Some will also … More Book Tour – ‘Death Among Us’ @StephenBentley8 @Shalini_G26 #BlogTour #BookReview #Murder/Mystery

BROADLAND By David Blake SYNOPSIS A girls body found mutilated by a boats propeller, another dumped at the bottom of a slipway, and a disused Norfolk Mill, hiding the secret to both. A COLD DENSE shadow fell over Jane Richardson as she hurried along the concrete towpath. To her left, moonlight danced over the River … More


With a special guest interview with author Janet Roger: Not just a Review of the book but I was also delighted to be able to ask Janet Roger some questions about her writing, read on after my review for more. Thank you #Janet Roger for answering my questions. MY REVIEW This is such a brilliantly … More SHAMUS DUST: HARD WINTER. COLD WAR. COOL MURDER By Janet Roger

50 Ideas for your Book Blog

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Lately, I have found myself just having time to post my albeit not very long book reviews, I don’t think I have posted anything but a book review and the occasional author interview for quite a while. This is mainly due to time restrictions and I’m really having a great time…

SILENT EVIDENCE By Rachel Grant SYNOPSIS The man of her fantasies is finally hers. Sort of….. Two things haunt forensic anthropologist Hazel Macleod: the bones of victims of genocide she examines for her work, and former SEAL Sean Logan’s rejection. But within days of moving to her cousin’s estate to take a much needed break, … More