About me

I am a 59 year old lady, a mother of 4 grown up children, with 5 grandsons. I am disabled with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. So have lots of time on my hands to read or cross stitch.

I did most of my training to be a nurse many years ago, but didn’t quite qualify as I had knee problems and was medically retired, this was hard for me as it was all I had ever wanted to be. I was a special constable for a couple of years but again that put a strain on my knees with lots of standing around.

For many years I was then a mum and wife raising 4 wonderful children, three boys and finally a daughter. They are now all grown up and living their own lives. I am now single again so needed to find something to keep my mind busy. I attended college a few years ago doing an Access course which included studying Sociology, Psychology, and English. I applied to go to Southampton University to study Criminology as a degree. Unfortunately, my health let me down again I found the travelling to and from the University difficult especially if I had a lecture at 5 pm for an hour and nothing else all day. Doing a round trip of 70 miles just wasn’t easy for me. I had also developed Osteoarthritis in my thumbs which needed surgery. So I didn’t‘ think continue with the course. Again a difficult decision as it made me feel like a failure.

I found a group on Facebook called crime fiction addicts and kept seeing the acronym ARC so asked what that meant and someone told me about netgalley, I had a look for myself and joined the site and decided to do this blog. I have only been doing this since June so it’s very early days for me, but I am learning new things all the time.

I am a trusted reader with NetGalley. I do prefer proof copies at the moment as have had eye issues from medication.

When I was at school I had always wanted to write a book and I’m always thinking up ideas but never get to write them down as it’s normally in the middle of the night as I lie awake with insomnia and my brain becomes more active.

The books I enjoy the most are Crime fiction, Psychological thrillers and contemporary romance thrillers. I occasionally read something that is out of my comfort zone but since reviewing books I have realised I do tend to like books with a fast pace, I tend to get bored with slow paced novels and then my mind wanders. Currently I have quite a few books to read, as well as being quite booked with blogtours.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I have been working on my blog site with the help of my daughter trying to add bits here and there. Still needs a little more work, but I am sure I will get there in the end.

I am always open to advice if anyone sees something I should add or remove. Seeing some of the sites they are amazing.

My rating system

I rate what I read between one and five stars. If it only got one star it means I have really struggled to read the book, for one of many reasons, may not be my genre, or didn’t like the story at all, didn’t finish because I couldn’t get into it.



If I rate it two stars again it may not be my genre, I may not have finished it, just couldn’t get into it but writing is slightly better than in a one star review.


Three stars is obviously better, but may feel more middle of the road to me, with some good bits, but other bits had me skimming through it.


Four stars is more of a winner, but maybe something let it down slightly not quite reaching the five star.


Five stars is top marks, a book that has ticked every single box, characters, plot, totally engrossing.


Obviously when reading everyone has different opinions on books what one person finds good another may hate and vice versa. So even if I don’t give it a great review someone else may think it’s brilliant. All I can do is give my thoughts on what I felt when reading a book. Reading is subjective. I know what type of books I like, but sometimes may want to step out of my comfort zone and read something completely different. This may end up in getting fewer stars. However, I would always take into count if it is a different genre and give stars accordingly.

I will never ever criticise a writer, because writing is not an easy thing to do. If readers criticise it should be about the book, the plot, the characters and what worked or didn’t work for them. But not a chance to give a writer grief.