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I would like to thank Emma from damppebbles for my spot on this book blog tour.


A dissident IRA terrorist cell, in opposition to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, plan to attack the Scotch Whisky Industry unless the British Government pay a ransom. Armitage Brown, the assistant controller of MI5, is given the task of preventing the threat which is planned to coincide with the Millenium Celebrations. Brown co-ordinates all the emergency services under his command in an effort to minimise casualties, using the code name ‘O.L.S.’ an abbreviation of Operation Large Scotch.

Both the terrorists and the security forces have carried out murderous deeds in the past which now come back to haunt them. John Johnston, a young Northern Irishman, living thousands of miles away in South Africa releases information to Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, in his effort to seek revenge for the killing of his father in Belfast.


Thank you for my spot on this blog tour. This is not a book I would normally pick up and read, it is a well written, well plotted novel. Set in the late 90’s, just as everyone is getting ready to celebrate the Millenium. There is a lot going, as the tension builds, against the 1998 Black Friday agreement, a group of IRA dissidents run by Michael Caldwell want the British government to pay.

As a young lad John Johnston witnessed an attack, seeing men killed, and another pretending he had been injured in the attack, after he told his father what he had seen, his father knew his son was in danger so sent him off to his mother in South Africa, shortly after tragedy struck his father. Years later John is in London and sees the man he had seen killing years earlier. The story is told from both sides, which makes it interesting, seeing each perspective.

Explosives have been put in several whisky barrels and sent to different parts of the world, the owner of the whisky distillery is on on it, what he didn’t know was that he was what use would he be once the barrels have been set up? Him and his wife had won a fixed prize to visit Rome, enjoying their holiday over the Easter holidays and being in Rome was a dream for the couple, until tragedy strikes.

Letters are sent to newspapers asking for millions of pounds in exchange for not setting off the explosives. MI5 and the army are on the hunt for the barrels of whisky, looking for the explosives and doing a controlled explosions. They manage to find all the barrels except for one. With only 24 hours to go there is still one barrel with explosive in it, that they cannot find, they had been told to clear areas of all people, but now time is too short to get the last barrel and the area clear.

Will they find the bombs in time?. As the tension builds towards the end, you become engrossed, in the search, not knowing if that last barrel will be found in time.

I remember some of the terrorist attacks as I was growing up, but as I was young I never really understood what it was all about. This is a well crafted, well plotted story, set in Antrim, Scotland and South Africa. The story rushes along at a fast pace, engaging the reader, in the plot, not knowing which side will be successful.


‘Operation Large Scotch’ is my first book and at my age (71) possibly my last. it reflects on my life in many respects having worked in a distillery in my early working life before digressing into financial services.

My interests are sport (especially golf, swimming and basketball, (the latter through my two sons who played at international level) and current affairs in our ever changing world.

I have always enjoyed a challenge, which producing a book has certainly proved to be, but I would recommend writing to the retired population as it certainly keeps your brain active.

Two years after publishing ‘operation large scotch’ I am delighted to release my second novel ‘She’s Not a Lovely Girl’ which is a sequel to my first book. I only hope it gives everyone the pleasure ‘O.L.S.’ did judging by the favourable reviews it received

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Publishing Information:

Published in ebook and paperback formats on 11th December 2017.

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  1. Many thanks for reviewing ‘Operation Large Scotch’ and your kind comments. This was my first attempt at writing but has spurred me into to producing a sequel ‘She’s Not A Lovely Girl, available on Amazon and Kindle.

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