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He is known as Wilde, the boy from the woods.

Discovered living a feral existence in the Ramapo mountains of New Jersey, he has grown up knowing nothing of his parents, and even less about his own identity.

Until now.

When a match on a DNA database puts him on the trail of a close relative – the only family member he has ever known – Wilde thinks he might be about to solve the mystery of who he really is.

Only this relation disappears as quickly as he’s resurfaced. Undaunted, Wilde continues his research, becoming caught up in a secret community committed to exposing anonymous online trolls.

Then one by one, people start to die, and it soon becomes clear that a serial killer is targeting this secret community.

And that the next victim could be Wilde himself …


I absolutely loved this book, I love the characters as we are back with Wilde, who was in the book The Boy From The Woods. Wilde had been found in the woods as a very young child no one had known where he had come from, or how he had survived. Wilde remembered very little. But he had made a friend David Crimstein and that friendship had lasted until David had died in an accident which Wilde blamed himself for. Wilde doesn’t trust easily, but one thing with him once he does trust you he will protect you with his life. I really love him as a character, he finds it difficult to commit to anything because of his childhood. Also back is Attorney Hester Crimstein, David’s mother, who is such a character with her terrific wit and a great protector of Wilde. Plus Laila, David’s widow they have been having an off on relationship.

Wilde had been out of touch with everyone for over a year, Matthew, David’s son and Wilde’s godson was worried and asked his gran to check on Wilde. In the meantime Wilde had put his DNA into a gene website and had found a match that was possibly his father the only problem is the person he thinks maybe his father has deleted his account. He had also found another possible relative. Wilde has to turn to his contacts to to try and find the identity of the man. When he retrieves a phone, the number he had given his other possible relative he finds a 4 month old message on it that doesn’t sound good but all he knows is his cousins initials are PB. From then on the fun begins.

With Reality shows, an underground group calling themselves Boomerang who are a secret cyber community. Who believe they are providing their own justice, but are they? Along with some different government organisations. This book literally has it all.

Wilde is on a mission to find his relative, as it may also give him answers as to who his parents are. This is a fast paced read with twists and turns throughout. I was turning the pages so fast towards the end not knowing which way things were going to go and with a superb twist I really didn’t see coming. This book sees Wilde taking a few more steps towards commitment, I love how his character is developing and I really hope there is going to be another book with Wilde in, as there are still some developments that could lead to more answers.

This is an absolute ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read, if you like fast pace and great characters then grab a copy of this. If you want to see where Wilde started check out The Boy From the Woods. Although this can be read as a stand alone novel as there are some recaps on what had happened to Wilde. Harlan Coben is one of my favourite crime writers.


With over 75 million books in print worldwide, Harlan Coben is the Number One New York Time author of thirty one novels including WIN, THE BOY FROM THE WOODS, RUN AWAY, FOOL ME ONCE, TELL NO ONE and the renowned Myron Bolitar series. His books are published in 45 languages around the globe.

He is the creator and executive producer of several Netflix television dramas including THE STRANGER, SAFE, THE FIVE and THE WOODS, STAY CLOSE is his latest gripping drama starring Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage, Eddie Izzard and Sarah Parrish.

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